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63095 23 Apr 2020

Alabbar Enterprises Launches 'Helping Hands'

Aims to feed those in need in times of Covid-19

There is no one in the world who can say that their lives have not been affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, there are some who have been significantly affected more than others. A lot of residents who depend on their daily wages are struggling with even basic necessities, such as food. In light of this, Alabbar Enterprises have launched a CSR initiative, ‘Helping Hands’, to support the community and deliver wholesome charity meals for those in need.

Joining forces with both their suppliers and brands, including Two At Symphony, Karak House, GIA, Angelina, Social House, Markette and Candylicious, Alabbar Enterprises are preparing homemade meals, made with love, to support 3,500 people a week in need. The initiative is in collaboration with their charity partner, Community Solidarity Fund Against COVID-19, to support the community in easing challenges in the current environment. Alabbar Enterprises has launched the dedicated website to track the amount of donations and for companies to get in involved.

Alabbar Enterprises, along with their suppliers and brand teams cook, prepare, pack and deliver homemade nutritious meals, made fresh every day. ‘Helping Hands’ means that no one who has found themselves in a difficult situation, due to the global pandemic, will go to sleep each night with an empty stomach. Bringing their expertise, teams, brands and network together in unison, Alabbar Enterprises is delivering this much-needed support for the community at a time of difficulty.

CEO of Alabbar Enterprises Tyrone Reid, the voice behind this thoughtful and essential campaign, first contemplated the idea when thinking of the strengths across both his team and Alabbar Enterprises restaurants, which are operating to serve guests with delivery services at this time.

“I wanted to see how we could help during these challenging times witnessed by our nation and the rest of the world. Although our restaurants are currently only available for delivery, I knew that there must be something that we could do to help. Helping hands is a reflection of the unity of the Dubai community, both individuals and organizations. We’ve been blessed to have the huge support of our guests that visit our businesses, and, we wanted to share those blessings in return. Using our kitchens, working with our chefs and collaborating with our network is how we aim to give back during this challenging time. The response and generosity shown by our suppliers have been extraordinary. Everybody involved wants to do their bit to help those who have unexpectedly found themselves in need at this time, in a situation that none of us could have ever anticipated.”

The humanitarian initiative was launched at the beginning of April. With the Helping Hands campaign, Alabbar Enterprises intends to give back to the community by serving 3500 meals a week.

Alabbar Enterprises have joined forces with their suppliers to provide meals made with love for those in need:

  • MH Enterprises
  • Chef Middle East
  • Barakat
  • BidFood
  • Greenhouse
  • Admirals
  • Falcon Park
  • Unilever
  • Yashtech
  • OceanFair
  • PepsiCo Arabia


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