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47813 05 Feb 2020

Allegro Cozumel And Occidental Cozumel Embrace New Sustainable Efforts in 2020

In Conjunction With Cozumel’s Island-Wide Ban On Single Use Plastics, The Two Green Globe-Certified Hotels Will Introduce New Eco-Friendly Programs In 2020

MIAMI (Feb. 2020) – With a rise in eco-consciousness in Cozumel in 2020, the favorited all-inclusive resorts Allegro Cozumel and Occidental Cozumel celebrate the Mexican Caribbean destination’s new sustainable practices – highlighted by a ban on the use, marketing and distribution of single-use plastic products. The island-wide initiative includes the elimination of plastic straws and utensils, polystyrene and disposable plastic bags to carry out goods in restaurants, supermarkets, drugstores and beyond.

Both Allegro Cozumel and Occidental Cozumel are Green Globe-certified properties, the highest standard for sustainability worldwide. The Green Globe certification evaluates the sustainable practices carried out by several travel and tourism businesses that aim to improve people’s quality of life and productivity. These practices include the preservation of ecological balance, the protection of the environment, and the responsible use of resources.

“Our location on one of Cozumel’s most beautiful beaches, surrounded by the world’s second largest barrier reef, has increased our commitment to being sustainable resorts,” said Alberto Alor, General Manager of Allegro Cozumel and Occidental Cozumel. “Now that the whole Island is hopping on the same train, this vital process will be a team effort – and together, we’ll preserve our beautiful island for generations to come.”

Previous sustainable actions at Allegro Cozumel and Occidental Cozumel included banning single-use plastics, looking for eco-friendly alternatives wherever possible, and organizing beach cleanups. However, both resorts are committed to pushing themselves further in the new decade. This year, the hotels will unveil:

  • In-room QR code displays with daily activities program to reduce paper usage;
  • New water dispensers so that guests can fill up reusable water bottles instead of using single use plastic bottles;
  • Food composting and cooking oil for biodiesel;
  • Switching plastic card keys to electronic wristbands for proximity locks in rooms.

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