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114173 03 Feb 2020

Career Opportunities in Hotel Management in Mumbai: How Good or Bad?

Written by Vandana Bhatt of Hozpitality Group

Hotel jobs in Mumbai or the jobs in the hospitality sector in Mumbai, whatever you are searching for right now, the good news is there are plenty of career opportunities for you. The Hospitality Industry is a fascinating world which gives you a choice of working in different cities and parts of the world. It is coz of the efforts of the hospitality industry, people choose to explore the world and have discovered some of the untouched wonders of the world. The hospitality industry doesn’t limit itself to just hotels but opens the world of opportunities in restaurants, clubs, bars, malls, amusement parks, cinemas, airlines, cruise lines, retails, facilities management, customer service, catering and travel agencies, etc. In this blog today, we will be discussing what factors can bring a successful career for you in Mumbai.

Mumbai is a city that never sleeps, people of different kind and creed have made an abode in the streets of Mumbai. You can find lavish lifestyle, the world’s largest billionaires, Bollywood celebrities and then you can find the slums, the poor and the beggars, all of them call Mumbai their home. Mumbai is a city of dreams and is one of the safest cities in India, India’s business capital has tons of opportunities for everyone. So, as a Hotel Management student/ professional in Mumbai, what are your chances to succeed?

Corporate Offices of the large Companies

As Mumbai is well connected to the world, many Hotel operators, Airlines and even Cruise Ships operate from Mumbai. Just to name a few, one of the largest companies in India have a corporate office in Mumbai.

  • Taj Hotels and Resorts
  • Air India Limited Corporate Office
  • Key Hotels Corporate Office
  • Pride Hotels and Resorts
  • Sarovar Hotels and Resorts
  • Treebo Hotels Regional Office
  • Ginger Hotels
  • VITS Corporate Office
  • Intellistay Hotels Pvt Ltd
  • Lords Inn Hotels and Resorts
  • Club Mahindra

Mumbai boasts of a167 km long continuous coastline, which brings an opportunity for the Cruise lines to operate to and from the city. Azamara Club Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Regent Seven Seas, Thomson, TUI, P&O, Aida Cruises, Costa Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard, Carnival Cruise Lines, Pullmantur, Crystal Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, and Fred Olsen Cruise Lines. are some of the best cruise lines in the world sailing to and from Mumbai throughout the year.

Mass Recruitment Drive from Mumbai

Mumbai is the preferred city in India when it comes to Mass recruitment drive from overseas employers. The Hospitality companies, Pre-opening hotels, and restaurants and even facilities companies hire in the bulk directly from Mumbai. The agencies advertise and contact the candidates to organize a recruitment open day in their offices and then selected candidates to join the companies overseas. The agency in India handles the visa, medicals, and everything. Please note, these agencies should not charge heavily, they could only charge for medical and a little admin fee. The employer provides the ticket and visa to all the candidates. Please beware of fake recruiters, research about a trusted agency before you send your resume for an overseas job application.

Does your Mumbai Experience Count?

If you have worked in Mumbai and have good credentials, experience and attitude, you have higher chances to be selected for the hotel jobs abroad. People from all over India also try to join Mumbai hotels to gain experience. Mumbai has top 5-star hotels, which provides a similar experience as working in the hotels abroad due to the International visitors they receive frequently. The hotels abroad prefer the candidates who have finished the education in Hotel Management, flaunt good communication skills and have experience in vast areas of the branded/ luxury hotels and with a pleasing personality. The same candidates could be considered for the job in the Cruise lines and even to work in some areas of the airlines, eg.- Customer service. Please note, the amount of applications per job has increased hence the employers have become more volatile.

Hotel Management works in all the sectors of the Hospitality Industry

The degree or diploma in Hotel Management works in all the sectors of the Hospitality Industry. There is a new Mexican Cinema company who was opening in India and recruiting for the Pre-opening. Their first choice was people who had worked in the hotels in a similar position. Most of the positions could match, customer service, housekeeping, F&B, Operations, engineering, and even security. They would choose the candidates who have previously worked in the same areas of the hotel and have a good experience.

Do Hospitals hire Hospitality Management Students and Professionals?

When we talk about hospitals, we think about doctors and nurses who definitely are out of the hospitality industry but again there are few areas in the hospitals that can use the Hospitality professionals. Gone are the times, when Indian hospitals were only about a few Government hospitals and others were just clinics and pharmacies. Nowadays, there are tons of private Hospitals in India and some reputed ones in Mumbai City. These hospitals come with great architecture, clean facilities, and advanced technology. You could somewhere compare them with the modern-day luxury hotels where one can occupy a room and can order F&B. There are loads of cleaners cleaning every second, security gates, customer service. Some of these hospitals have their own inhouse kitchen and a canteen, the patients are only allowed the nutritional meals from the hospital and their family members can eat the canteen. Similarly, as we discussed the cinemas, they could use professionals from customer service, housekeeping, F&B, Operations, Engineering, Accounts, and security.

Facilities Management Companies

Facilities Management companies are growing like mushrooms. These companies have workers under their license/ visa, and they lend them to the other companies who do not want to hire their own staff. Most of the companies using them are trying to save on the cost of the monthly salaries, insurance, medical, accommodation, lending these requirements to a Facilities Management company on a monthly package that is much cheaper. Most of the requirements are for Housekeeping, Engineering, and Security. The hospitality professionals can match the positions of customer service and operations as well.


In the last decade, we have seen malls being built in every city of India, even a small city like Haldwani has now built world-class malls, and there is a City Centre in a small area like Guwahati. The demand is growing, the hospitality professionals can explore these areas and look for opportunities in the mall. Many hotel professionals have changed their industry and are managing the malls. The retail in the mall can also use candidates from the industry and hire them for Purchase and Stocks, Security, Housekeepers, Mall Operations, Accounts, and Finance, etc.

BPO/ Call Centres

Call Centres once changed the outlook of Indian work industry sometime in the 90”s, more and more companies from US and Canada are reaching out to the companies in India to build their Call Centres, this saves them big on the cost. Hiring people in India is much cheaper than hiring in North America. These companies also ask to hire the candidates from the hotel industry, they demand good communication skills and a polite attitude to engage and enhance the customer experience. All the managers, customer service agents, supervisors can be hired from the hotels. Mumbai has loads of call center opportunities.

Just one hotel management degree can land you in various sectors, the promotions in the industry are much faster than the others but it only asks for the dedication and passion. You must know the hospitality professionals work in shifts, day and night, they are the ones working on public holidays and festivals. Whether you have a milestone to cover or a big family celebration, the people from the hospitality industry sacrifice their own to turn yours into an unforgettable event. These professionals talk about providing experiences, always have smiles on their faces and know that the Customer is always Right. It’s an amazing world of opportunities.

If you are looking for a job in the hospitality industry in Mumbai and in India, please log on to, you would find the top jobs from the luxury hotels, palaces, restaurants, clubs, and spas, adding more jobs every day.