104601 23 Jan 2020

An Exciting Month at Brothaus Bakery Bistro

New flavourful menus and more with the new zeitung menu.

Zeitung Breakfast Egg Benedict

As the new year sets in, so does a host of new offerings at Brothaus Bakery-Bistro. In the gastronomically challenging landscape of Dubai, Brothaus Bakery-Bistro at Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay has carved out its niche and is ready to present the fourth edition of the Zeitung menu featuring the bestselling items and new exciting additions.

Continuing to offer the freshest breads and pastries in town, along with an awarded AED60 Business Lunch and a more than happy Happy Hour, Brothaus embraces the true essence of a German bistro.

Breakfast: For those who like to strike a healthy balance in their meals, with nutritious options there is more than enough choice. The menu offers a selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes especially for breakfast lovers with creations like the Avocado Smoothie Bowl’’ - a combination of banana, spinach, agave syrup, ginger assorted berries, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

The classic breakfast dishes like eggs benedict or avocado on toast are elevated with a fusion of flavors and beautiful presentations like the ‘Egg Sliders - three homemade buns each of them topped with different ingredients: scramble egg, turkey ham and cheese, egg benedict with salmon, avocado and dill hollandaise and egg benedict with Portobello mushroom, quinoa and bell pepper hollandaise.

Breakfast is served daily from 7.30am to 12pm and prices start from AED 45.

Zeitung Breakfast Avocado on Sourdough Bread
Zeitung Breakfast Avocado Pumpkin & Asperagus Bowl
Zeitung Breakfast Bregel
Zeitung Breakfast Brioche & Egg Sliders
Zeitung Breakfast Brothaus Breakfast Wrap
Zeitung Breakfast Brothaus Tuna Bowl
Zeitung Breakfast Far East Bowl
Zeitung Breakfast German Breakfast
Zeitung Breakfast Power Fruit Bowl
Zeitung Breakfast Shakshouka

Lunch & Dinner: Keeping up with the changes, Brothaus Chef has introduced new twisted German specialties, like the ‘Spinach Spätzle, famous egg noodles made with spinach, turkey bacon, mushrooms, cheese sauce and rocket leaves, or the an Arabic fusion ‘Flammkuchen’ with makanek, pomegranate, harissa hummus, crunchy chickpeas, parsley and tomato burnoise.

The menu features as well a more sophisticated ‘Forest Mushroom Risotto’ served with assorted mushrooms, crème fraiche and parmesan cheese and beautifully presented.

The signature dishes such as Schnitzel, Beef Roulade and Currywurst among others, remained loyal to the tradition and to our regular clientele.

Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Almond Baharat Cod Filet
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Asian Nicoise Salad
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Avocado Prawn Salad
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Beef Roulade
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Brothaus Bavarian Burger
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Brothaus Rib eye Steak
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Butternut Sqush Galette
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Ceaser Salad
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Currywurst
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Fish and Chips
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Forest Mushroom Risotto
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Half Roasted Chicken
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Kasespatzle
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Korean Fried Chicken
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Nurnberger Sausages
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Onion Soup
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Pan Seared Salmon
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Penne All'arrabbiata Con Funghi
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Pumpkin & Coconut Soup
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Sauteed Scampi
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Signature Vegan Bowl
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Smoked Salmon Rosti 
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Spaghetti Aglio E Olio Piccante
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Spinach Spätzle
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Surf & Turf Flammkuchen
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Veal Frikadellen
Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Meat Platter

To complement the guest experience, Brothaus has introduced recently a new ‘Schnitzel menu’: every Wednesday from 6pm, guests can order the original veal schnitzel or try other variations like the ‘Spicy Chicken Schnitzel Salad or the ‘Breakfast Schnitzel’ with Gruyere cheese and a fried egg on top. For those who love meat, Brothaus is known for having the biggest Schnitzel in town.

Zeitung Lunch & Dinner Brothaus Schnitzel

With Valentine’s around the corner Brothaus offers a different and fun way to celebrate the day: a cake pops baking class open to everyone, where you can learn how to make dough, and create beautiful Valentine’s decorations with fondant and other techniques. Price starts from AED 225 per person or AED 300 per couple.

If among your New Year’s resolutions you listed ‘learn the art of baking’ you can subscribe to our monthly classes at Brothaus that range from specialty breads baking to cake decorating and more.  All information available on www.brothauscakes.com.

Venue: Brothaus Bakery – Bistro at Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay

Contact: Phone: +971 4369 0000; Email: brothausdubai@steigenberger.com;

Website: dubai.steigenberger.com


About Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay Dubai:

A cosmopolitan hotel with a German touch, the Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay Dubai is a five-star property set in the very heart of the city.  Overlooking the Dubai Water Canal, and only a short stroll away from the Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall, the hotel has won several awards including “Leading New Hotel” and “Best Luxury Business Hotel in the UAE’. Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay is home to excellent dining venues, including Bayside Restaurant & Terrace serving freshly prepared international dishes; Brothaus Bakery-Bistro serving the best German bread and pastries in town; Swim & Tonic pool bar and lounge with breath-taking views of the Burj Khalifa and The Backyard, a unique street-art inspired urban garden terrace.