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Britannia Brunch at The Address Downtown Dubai

Review by Vandana Bhatt of Hozpitality Group

Emaar Hospitality is a great player who has left its mark in the hospitality industry by producing world-class top-notch hotels. I remember the opening of Burj Khalifa by Emaar back in 2010 and that was the time their first hotel had opened with a new brand name, The Address Downtown Dubai facing the Iconic and the tallest tower in the world, Burj Khalifa. Though Burj Khalifa is unmatched The Address Downtown provides great exteriors, architecture, and design, also boasts welcoming interiors. The classy lobby is where a celebrity or a businessman will feel the pride to check-in, the terrace of the hotel provides a glimpse of the majestic steel lady in front. The dancing fountain from the balcony would be quite amusing.

Well, we had an opportunity to enjoy the Friday Britannia Brunch at The Address Downtown last Friday. Friday brunches are very popular during the winter season in Dubai, a day dedicated to family and friends, which seek to find a decent place to spend some quality time. Britannia Brunch is Britain and Indian fusion themed brunch showcasing the menu from Britain, India, and International as well. The décor is very sophisticated featuring British flag-themed setup, outdoor and indoor seating can be done by your choice.

The menu offers fresh seafood counter, salad counter, some fusion themed curries and dishes, a huge cocktail bar, a lavish dessert counter and much more. I requested some biryani and mix veg from chef and it was quite finger licking. Hubby enjoyed the variety of seafood; kids couldn’t resist having more kid-friendly foods. The staff was well trained and hospitable, Bradley from the F&B team took great care of us. A very friendly gentleman who hailed from India, he also offered to take some great shots for us. I guess photography should be an integral part of F&B and Front office training in today’s era. Well, he was amazing, he knew them both.

Live entertainment enhanced the experience while relishing the sumptuous dishes from the menu. Due to nearing Chinese New Year, there was a Chinese Dragon roaming around in the restaurant and around the hotel entertaining the little kids. Kids also enjoyed coloring at another table while parents enjoyed chit-chatting.

Our family had a great time visiting The Address Downtown for the Britannia Brunch, we look forward to visiting them again in the future.


Published by Vandana Bhatt

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