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53168 23 Dec 2019

Essential Tips on How to Successfully Get Hospitality Jobs in Mumbai

Written by Vandana Bhatt of Hozpitality Group

Finding the right job is crucial for your career. The recruitment system has changed over the years and people are taking advantage of technology, AI is in place for recruitment. Hotels in Mumbai are finding the technology the best to source candidates for their vacant jobs in different departments.

I’ve talked to a lot of candidates and employers –freshers and alumni – who have gone crazy trying to unlock the secrets of how to improve their recruitment experience and performance.

I have been working in the recruitment industry for around 13 years and I wish, I could help everyone who approaches me for jobs. But the truth is, it takes resourcefulness, dedication, persistence, and consistency to find the right job and even right candidates. We all interviewed the candidates by different measures, while they say the unemployment rate in India is high but getting the best suitable candidate for a company is still a big challenge. We have tried it for the past few months and we have seen how difficult it gets.

So, when you are out in the market, looking for a decent job or a suitable employee, where do you start? What options do you have with the latest technology that can enhance your career and make your dreams come true?

Here are the steps I will cover in this guide:

  1. Step #1: Know your niche
  2. Step #2: Enhance your skills
  3. Step #3: Do market research
  4. Step #4: Connect with Professionals on Social Media
  5. Step #5: Join Groups and Networking websites
  6. Step #6: Apply for jobs through trusted sources

Step #1: Know your niche: - It is very important to know your niche if you want to be a doctor, you take biology so you can create a path, clear medical exams and train over the years to be a doctor. Similarly, for being a hospitality professional, to work in a hotel, airline, cruise ship, you must study hotel management. Hotel Management studies will shape you in a professional, you need to be to work in the hospitality industry.

Step #2: Enhance your skills: You must enhance your skills to include yourself in the list of higher achievers in the industry, learn different courses, even opt for overseas certifications to boost your talent. Be passionate about being in the hospitality industry, hospitality is all about passion.

Step #3: Do the market research: There is tons of information on the internet about hospitality, read blogs, watch videos and listen to podcasts and get more information about the hospitality industry. Search online to check, which hotels in Mumbai are advertising for the jobs, check if it is on the trusted website.

Step #4: Connect with Professionals on Social Media: You are lucky to have social media networks for professionals where you can connect with future leaders in the hospitality industry and follow their journey. This will inspire you, see their career path, reach out to them if you need guidance. Follow your seniors, colleagues and alumni, ask for referrals if needed.

Step #5: Join Groups and Networking websites: Join groups related to jobs and hospitality companies to follow their daily updates. Join professional networking websites like LinkedIn and Hozpitalityplus. It has become very easy to know and connect with people with technology, back then we had to call and find out about people and companies. All the companies post about their promotions, news, announcements and even jobs through these websites, once you follow them, it would be easier for you to grasp the idea of how things work and how you can join them.

Step #6: Apply jobs through trusted sources: Always look for trusted sources to apply for jobs. Online job boards are the cheapest ways for hospitality companies to reach mass candidates. It works as a marketing and matchmaking engine for the employers where they post the jobs and registered candidates can apply through the portal directly. Online job postings are genuine as the companies are verified before posting any job postings. It’s the easiest option for the candidates as you can find all the jobs from hotels, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships on one platform, applying is as easy with a click of a button through a mobile, tablet or a computer. Niche market hospitality job portals like bring the best jobs available from the hospitality industry. Once your CV is shortlisted, you can hear from the employer and get hired.

To apply, for hotel jobs in Mumbai, register on today!