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107722 02 Dec 2019

Happy 48th National Day of the UAE and the announcement of participation in the SIAL Middle East fair in Abu Dhabi

Strength of taste, vitamins and colors - meet the quality of apples from Europe


On the occasion of the National Day, 48th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, we would like to wish you all the best! That your country will continue to develop at such a pace as before, that it will impress the world and that our relations, including those of trade, will be at the highest level! On this occasion, we would like to congratulate amazing achievements in all areas and express appreciation for achievements during these 48 years! The country, which today boasts the most modern transport and the tallest buildings in the world, was a desert half a century ago. On December 2, 1971, an agreement was signed to create a federation, which included seven emirates located on the Persian Gulf.

On behalf of the 'Fruit Union' Association and on behalf of the promotional campaign 'Strength of taste, vitamins and colors - learn about the quality of apples from Europe', we wish you all the best and a great future! That European apples would always be on your tables;)

May they celebrate the 48th anniversary of the UAE!

Just in case, however, if the consumption of European apples exceeds our expectations, we hurry with help. From December 9 to 11 this year we will be exhibiting at the SIAL Middle East fair in Abu Dhabi.

We invite you to visit our stand "Apples from Europe" in hall 8, stand number Q071, where you will be able to talk with our experts from the Association "Fruit Union". You will be able to taste European apples and find out about their unique taste and aroma. We invite entrepreneurs, importers and distributors to b2b talks as well as UAE consumers.

The promotional campaign "Strength of taste, vitamins and colors - meet the quality of apples from Europe" aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the United Arab Emirates market and re-export markets from the UAE.


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