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81021 25 Nov 2019

Apple Harvest and Soon be on the Tables of UAE Residents

The last varieties harvested were Idared and Gloster.

We are pleased to announce that the harvest of European apples has come to an end and some of them have already been shipped to distributors in the United Arab Emirates and will soon be on the tables of UAE residents.

The last varieties harvested were Idared and Gloster.

European apples are subject to strict quality control in terms of compliance with the high standards in force in the European Union. European apple producer groups are equipped with the latest technological solutions allowing not only for separation and protection of apples, but also for precise logistics management.

Apples entering the United Arab Emirates market are pre-sorted and stored in cold stores or in ultra-low oxygen controlled atmosphere chambers. Then they go to packaging lines, where they are subjected to final evaluation and packed.

European apple sorting lines are equipped with the technology of washing with water and final rinsing with clean water. During the entire sorting process, properly trained employees carry out a full quality control.

Packaging is carried out using the highest standards. Packing rooms are equipped with innovative lines that allow you to place fruit in a cardboard box, wooden box, plastic bags or trays.

To provide apples with freshness, ethylene absorbers or special bags that work on a controlled atmosphere principle are also used.

Apples are properly secured and can be delivered to any place in the world - fresh, aromatic and juicy.

This year, forecasts published by the WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association) predict that apple production in Europe will reach around 10,555,796 T.


According to the Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetable Distributors "Unia Owocowa", despite the relatively mild winter, the problem was spring frost during apple blossom and fruit set, as well as prolonged drought. These factors limited yields, which resulted in a reduction of production by about 25% compared to last year.

The promotional campaign "Strength of taste, vitamins and colors - meet the quality of apples from Europe" aims to promote European apples, increase their competitiveness and consumption on the United Arab Emirates market and re-export markets from the UAE.