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119571 18 Nov 2019

iCademy’s Online Education Provides Students with Solid Foundation for Future Success at University and Beyond

The success of graduates from iCademy Middle East.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 14 November 2019: The perception that online studies have only limited benefits and can leave students unprepared for ‘real life’ at university is fast becoming a thing of the past. 

The ‘traditional’ idea that only classroom-based learning benefits students both academically and socially has been proven to be outdated by the success of graduates from iCademy Middle East.

“Each year, the region’s leading online education provider celebrates the successful enrolment of students to some of the world’s most important educational institutions,” said Ashley Curd, Guidance Counsellor at iCademy Middle East.

Ms Curd explained that, far from being a ‘hinderance’ to the personal and academic development of students, online studies actually provide people with a solid foundation for educational growth and achievement.

“The online education model promotes self-study, organization, and familiarity with key online platforms, which are all invaluable skills needed in today’s world of higher education.

“The online schooling affords freedom and also allows students to pursue their own passions and interests, often leading them to discover and explore potential career interests before their peers who have attended ‘brick-and-mortar’ institutions.”

iCademy provides a US-based online-applied curriculum to youngsters attending KG through to Grade 12, with attention also paid to helping students who may have struggled or have outgrown a mainstream education environment to achieve their full potential.

iCademy students have been accepted to universities the USA, UK, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, India, and Australia, said Ms Curd, adding: “While some advocates for traditional schooling may think that online education may hinder students, the reality is that due to the nature of universities today, our students are very well-prepared.”

As a fully NEASC accredited American Online School, iCademy Middle East provides major benefits for students applying to university as a regular applicant, not as a home-schooled student.

“This streamlines the process for most applications and leaves no question with the universities that our students have received fully-accredited education that meets high academic standards,” said Ms Curd.

UK universities require students take Advanced Placement courses in grades 11 or 12, which are available from iCademy Middle East, while US colleges also weigh additional student work, like essays, student leadership and involvement in extracurricular activities or volunteer work when accepting students.

“Online schooling promotes confidence, professionalism, and the ability to interact with people of all ages. In this way, iCademy graduates are arguably better prepared, not just for university, but for real life afterwards,” said Ms Curd.

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