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111914 08 Nov 2019

Atana Hotel Celebrates its 4th Anniversary

November 2019 marks the 4th Anniversary of Atana Hotel located in Barsha Heights, Dubai.

Atana Hotel with its state of the art 828 rooms and suites opened its doors on 1st November 2015 serving our prestigious customers and valued guests across the globe.  2019 marks a milestone as Atana Hotel celebrates and announces the 4th Anniversary on ­­­­1st  November.

Within a span of 4 years, Atana Hotel could leave behind its competitors with the excellent services and market penetration in various countries of the world including new markets for Dubai.  Ever since Atana Hotel started its operations, we managed to achieve very good ratings in all major online booking engines and managed to maintain and improve our rating with other major OTAs.  Furthermore, our booking partner “Booking.Com” has selected Atana Hotel from over 100 hotels around the world for maintaining the “Top Ranking in Guests Reviews”.  Our current rating in is 8.8 with 17,201 reviews.

Atana Hotel under the leadership of Reda Moukhtar, General Manager is considered to be one of the pioneers in the Hospitality Industry.  He brings with him a wealth of 30 years’ experience to run Atana Hotel with great dedication and enthusiasm.    Reda Moukhtar joined as General Manager of Atana Hotel in 2016 after spending almost 25 years with other high profile chains and branded hotels.  His main strength has been to culturally transforming the way people think about hotels, food and beverage, and guest experience.  His leadership style encourages creative solutions that cultivate a flexible and relevant brand. When challenged, Reda consults with Head of Departments from all levels to come up with the best solution. This helps Atana Hotel develop unique hotel concepts that would not otherwise be possible.  For Reda Moukhtar, the people around him need to feel empowered and happy. When it comes to staff, he fosters a creative and inclusive environment. This instils a sense of pride and ownership among staff. He believes  that everything is possible, for everyone. And this belief is central to the brand, both front and back-of-house.

Reda Moukhtar was named by Judge Choice as “General Manager of the Year” at the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018.

Under Reda’s leadership Atana Hotel has won 2 major awards by Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards for Best Business Hotel in 2017 and 2018 respectively and this win comes as a great motivation not just to ourselves, but to the entire team, who have rallied to effect a dramatic turn-around in the operational and commercial success of Atana Hotel in a relatively short period of time.  Reda recounts the success of Atana Hotel to having a strong and skilled team that drives us forward and gives us great optimism and confidence for the future.

We in Atana Hotel believe in ultimate Guests Services in the Hospitality Industry and are proud to announce that we have innumerable, satisfied and loyal customers who are promoting our property in different regions of the world.

Atana Hotel has made a name for itself in the overseas market, not only as the region’s fastest growing hotel company, but as a brand that values its guests, colleagues and its relationship with its business partners.  Atana Hotel is already regarded as one of Dubai’s most service-driven Hotel.  Under the leadership of the General Manager, Mr. Reda Moukhtar, is currently looking forward to building on this status and playing a key role in accelerating the Hotel’s business development strategy in the region, which is home to many untapped markets where the brand can add value with its unique hospitality concepts.

On behalf of the entire Team of Atana Hotel we take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all our loyal and valued business partners in establishing our property across the continents. We will continue to strive to provide improved facilities and services coupled with excellent Hospitality services in the years to come.