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Dubai's Newest Mexican Restaurant, CHINGÓN

A Mexican slang word meaning ‘wicked’ or ‘cool’, CHINGÓN is a sophisticated modern Mexican eatery






1. (Mexico, colloquial, of a person) intelligent, skilled, capable

2. (Mexico, colloquial) cool, very good, wicked, epic


1. (Mexico, colloquial) an intelligent, skilled, capable person

2. (Mexico, colloquial) someone or something cool, awesome, very good

3. (Mexico, colloquial, vulgar) a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person


OCTOBER 2019: When it comes to eating and drinking well, Dubai’s dining destinations certainly don’t leave you wanting. However, brace yourselves, for there’s so much more coming to Dubai’s culinary arena; enter CHINGÓN.

 A Mexican slang word meaning ‘wicked’ or ‘cool’, CHINGÓN is a sophisticated modern Mexican eatery, located on the rooftop floor of the Grand Millennium Hotel in Business Bay set to take the cities dining and nightlife scene by storm. At the heart of CHINGÓN lies an expertly crafted experience bound to take over the senses. With co-founder and chef Rene Millan bringing his Mexican culture to life in the city, let’s start with the main attraction, the menu.

 The fate of your dining experience lies in the hands of a culinary artist, and you will not be disappointed as this brilliant new hot spot has an extensive menu bursting with creativity, passion and flavour. CHINGÓN starts off its offering with a raw bar selection that includes Mexican twists on a selection of fish crudo and tartares, whilst also enabling guests to choose from a plethora of dishes including seafood tostadas and tiraditostraditional tamalesgrilled octopus and whole roasted baby chicken, as well as a healthy selection of both vegan and vegetarian options. Serving larger portions, guests will be encouraged to embark on a culinary journey of traditional family style dining and can even order from a specially curated taco menu which features the signature CHINGÓN Taco “El Dorado”; a black corn tortilla that is pressed with 24k Gold Leaf, with a thick slice of A9 Wagyu and finished with fresh truffle. Of course, there are also masterfully created cocktails, each with a story or link to the ancient empires of Mesoamerica and South America. This menu has a focus on Agave and Cane beverages which are meticulously crafted and prepared using Mexican herbs, spices, fruits and other ingredients to bring something new and unique to Dubai.

 The attention to food detail in the bar and the kitchen at CHINGÓN is immense and extends to the sourcing of produce. The venue pays homage to Mexico and the bounty of its lands as many of the ingredients are sourced from one of the country’s largest family farms. From seedless lime, hass avocado and blue corn masa flour to an abundance of chilis including dry ancho chilihoja santa and the renowned habanero pepper, every flavour is guaranteed to impress.  

 As you indulge in a true farm to table experience complete with sensational food and carefully crafted cocktails, bask in the interior design as CHINGÓN is an indulgence for the palate as well as the eye. Upon walking in, passion for design is abundantly clear. Behind every corner an experience awaits to be uncovered as the symmetry in the interior design is interrupted with pockets of warm light, textures such as rope, green foliage and plant boxes, and a story of Mexican heritage awaits to be discovered. Begin your evening at the bar, with a ‘Holiday in Tulum’, ‘Sunrise in Cancun’ or ‘Jalisco Express’ cocktail, set in front of a wall lined with shelves of metallic, golden skulls and a line of dancing flames!

Continue on to dinner with a stunning view over the Dubai Canal and across the water onto Downtown Dubai thanks to the massive floor-to-ceiling windows. Insider tip; don’t forget to look up as the grand high ceiling retracts and opens up onto a view of the night sky.

 The co-founders of CHINGÓN, Mark Eggberry, Garth Beer and chef Rene Millan, have been involved with some of the city’s most well-known F&B companies including Whissle, Pragma and White Label, Gates Hospitality, Roya International, The Crystal Group, Bull and Roo Hospitality, and have now teamed up to deliver CHINGÓN. With a deep understanding of what makes people tick, they are set to provide the city with a unique and unrivalled destination. Mark explains, “The concept was born out of a desire to provide people with an original space offering great food and an ambiance that they would want to hang out at. We have a great chef in Rene and collectively have ample experience in Dubai to know what works, what is needed and what caters to discerning food lovers.” Garth, continues, “All 3 of us are passionate about eating, drinking, music and providing our guests with an experience unlike any other. From the quality of our food and beverage menus to the service, musical entertainment and interior design, every detail has been meticulously executed to ensure that we have an amazing canvas to express all the things we love for others to enjoy too.” Rene adds, “It’s an honour and a privilege to showcase what is possible with Mexican cuisine and ingredients”.

 A bastion of taste, to understand the spirit of Mexico’s rich food culture, CHINGÓN is the place to know and to go.

 Stay tuned for the official opening date and the sneak peek details…



CHINGÓN is a Modern Mexican Eatery that combines flavours, textures and techniques that are at heart, Mexican, while taking cuisine influences from across Central and South America. CHINGÓN is a celebration of all things authentically Mexican and a modern interpretation of the culture and heritage of the civilizations and peoples that have created and formed Mexico as we know and love today.

 Offering guests a variety of different experiences, from drinks, dinner and dinner to party, the music program will consist of various regional influences, from Latin Jazz through to Bossa Nova and Brasilera Beats in the early evening transitioning to Deep House that incorporates South American drums and flutes with Amazonian tunes played by some of Dubai’s top performing DJs.


For more information, please visit www.chingondubai.com or call us on 04 873 3377 

Daily from 6pm to late 

Instagram: @chingondubai

Facebook: /chingondubai

Website: //chingondubai.com