61519 09 Oct 2019

Exceptional Sushi Nights at Indigo Rooftop Restaurant at The Merchant House, Bahrain

3 size sushi platters rolled to order

Indigo Rooftop Restaurant stands proudly at the frontline of Bahrain’s sushi scene. Talented chefs work their magic for an outstanding dining experience every Thursday and Friday on the special sushi nights where the food is expertly prepared from the fresh catch of the day and can be enjoyed either on the rooftop garden terrace or in the restaurant.


3 size sushi platters rolled to order


BHD 7.50 - BHD 12 for Uramaki Rolls

BHD 7.50 - BHD 19.90 for Sushi Set

When: Thursday & Friday

Location: Indigo Rooftop restaurant at The Merchant House