103452 01 Oct 2018

Ocean Songs: Healing Vibrations Come to the Maldives with Holistic Therapist Muayad Najemeddin

Guests of the islands will be able to book private healing sessions of vibrational treatments

Tune yourself to a positive frequency, and feel the vibes heal and inspire this October at Niyama Private Islands Maldives. Globe-trotting holistic therapist Muayad Najemeddin will grace the twin private islands from 29 September to 26 October 2018. Guests of the islands will be able to book private healing sessions of vibrational treatments like Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy and Reiki along with Meditative Yoga enhanced with sound.

Leaving behind a corporate career in Dubai, Muayad was inspired to embark on a journey of self-discovery. From Thailand to India, to Oman and Nepal, he discovered the power of healing vibrations as he trained with masters and practiced his art. Seeking wisdom at the source, he studied yoga at its most ancient institute in India and Bowl Singing with a third-generation Tibetan shaman. Amidst the pure beauty of the Maldives, he will be sharing the expertise and healing energies gained in his journeys. Muayad will be creating bespoke signature experiences for Niyama’s guests based on their daily lifestyle, areas of stress within their body and energy blockage.

With a soundscape perfectly attuned to your needs, Muayad’s Tibetan Singing Bowls can transport you to a state of complete relaxation and energy purification. Each note of the singing bowl corresponds to one of the seven chakras of your body. Acting as your personal guide, Muayad helps you let go and drift in a mix of uplifting sensations. 

Guests may choose to start their morning slowly awakening in a Meditative Yoga class by the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. For vibration that can be felt rather than heard, Reiki treatments will also be offered. For those seeking supreme rejuvenation, The Ultimate Journey combines the healing elements of Meditation, Reiki, Massage and Singing Bowls in a customised two-hour journey.

The islands’ spa and wellness sanctuary, Drift Spa, offers cutting-edge wellness experiences – from its series of visiting practitioners to resident therapists expert in the latest treatments from Paris, New York and Dubai. Glow with oxygen facials. Lose ten years with Hollywood non-surgical facelifts. Transform body and mind with integrative nutrition and health coaching. For more information visit niyama.com/en/niyama-spa or contact spa@niyama.com



About Niyama Private Island:

Niyama Private Islands Maldives offers more than a luxury retreat in the Maldives. Going beyond conventional concepts of lavish accommodation, sumptuous cuisines, and lavish services, Niyama Private Islands Maldives presents every visitor with myriad opportunities to create their own exceptional island experience.

With twin islands Play and Chill, Niyama Private Islands Maldives offers you the true luxury of choice, with everything expected from an island resort and so much more.

Chill is true to its name. You can discover new depths of relaxation at the Drift Spa, or take in a movie under the stars at the outdoor cinema. Just off the coast, enjoy a fine dining experience at Edge accessible only by speedboat, while Subsix invites you the world’s finest underwater seafood restaurant and night club.

Play provides delightful diversions for those looking for more active pursuits. On the water, you can kayak around the islands or discover why Niyama private Islands Maldives is among the hottest surfing destinations. Bicyclists can explore the island at their own pace, perhaps lured by the aromas from the chef’s spice gardens.