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Discover 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dublin

From talking statues to the homes of famous literary figures, and the chance to savour flavours of the world, Dublin has a something special for everyone

Dublin, Ha'penny bridge 

Dubai, UAE, April 2019 – Dublin is a thriving city with a great deal to offer families, friends, couples and solo travellers. The buzzing atmosphere, friendly locals and rich culture are known to enthrall guests, but the most visited city in Ireland has much more than meets the eye: Many a quirky activity and eye-catching attractions have popped up on the streets of late, making a trip to the Republic of Ireland’s capital a truly unique experience.

The most immersive of such attractions are the talking historic statues located across Dublin - now opening up to guests to tell their stories. Using modern technology, the statues will talk guests through their namesake’s contributions to the country, their achievements and, where possible, a few additional unknown facts. When guests pass by a proclaimed talking statue, they are invited to scan a barcode using their smartphones, and will shortly receive a call from the likes of James Joyce (written by Roddy Doyle and voiced by Gabriel Byrne) and Oscar Wilde (written by John Banville and voiced by Andrew Scott), to tell them more about Dublin’s vibrant history.

Dublin’s Discover Trails give visitors a sense of independence as they take to the streets of the city. Through downloading the app, travellers will be able to see the city in a way that most appeals to them. Each trail takes on a different theme, with options ranging from military history and following the course of an ancient highway, to getting a glimpse of the ‘real’ Dublin.

Poetry lovers will delight in the recently opened Seamus Heaney: Listen Now Again exhibition, which takes them on a journey thought the life of the literary legend. The free to enter exhibition features an extensive archive of Heaney’s original manuscripts as well as letters, unpublished works, diary entries, photographs, note books, and multi-media recordings, which give guests a never-before-seen look into the life of Heaney.

Seamus Heaney Exhibition

City Kayak, gives guests the chance to see the city from a whole new perspective, offered by the Liffey River. Spending an afternoon on the tranquil waters of the river, will allow guests to paddle under the capital’s iconic O’Connell and Ha’penny bridges. With two options available, the High Tide tours, placing kayakers on par with the city, and the Low Tide tours, on which they will find themselves able to explore the docklands, a kayak trip makes for a memorable experience, when in Dublin.

River Liffey, Dublin

Those with a hunger to explore the culinary side of the city will find solace at the Temple Bar Food Market, which also happens to be the best open-air market. Visitors can tickle their taste buds through the variety of cheeses, jams, meats and international inspired flavours, all created using the freshest produce from across the island of Ireland.

Love Lane, Temple Bar, Dublin

The vibrant sporting culture of Ireland can be viewed from the grounds of Croke Park. Recognised as the official Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) stadium, the field has held many fevered matches, drawing over 80,000 fans when Irish Football and Hurling Championships take place.

Croke Park

The famous Irish buskers can be found all day long, belting out their music on Grafton Street. With many an internationally recognised singer having played these streets during the start of their careers, it is a great spot to soak in some good music and Irish culture. Shopping for souvenirs is also possible, as visitors traverse the busy street to the tunes of the talented performers.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city’s legendary landmarks: Dublin Castle, Ha'Penny Bridge, St Stephen's Green, and deer spotting at Phoenix Park. Known to engulf visitors in its vibrant culture, the city is sure to fill visitor’s hearts with Ireland.

Deer in Phoenix Park

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