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126754 08 Apr 2019

Drees & Sommer to Launch a Series of Monthly Global Research Papers Addressing the Gaps in the Hospitality Industry

Research from the first in the series of Hotel-A-Porter hospitality whitepapers outlines the opportunities to optimise hotel ROI and stakeholder profitability through effective interior design planning

The newly launched research forms part of a series of strategic research papers designed to address a range of high-level topics impacting the hotel industry globally. Findings of research paper, Hotel-A-Porter: Engineering Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E) value, identifies the need to adhere to local tourism standards, budget correctly to ensure stakeholder ROI and ensure usability and durability to avoid costly future replacements.

The importance of interior design in the hotel industry and the potential exponential savings through effective implementation will be addressed on day two of the forthcoming Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC 9-11 April), Ras Al Khaimah, as Drees & Sommer’s Morgan Tuckness, Head of Technical Services & Development Global Hospitality will form part of the panel discussion, The Development Den Discussion: Speeding up the development process.

The research paper refers to a recent study conducted for Sri Lankan hotels which highlighted that 67% of travelers admitted that interior design has an impact on their decision, thus reinforcing the fact that there is a close association between the design and the income of or demand for hotels.

Speaking ahead of the event, Filippo Sona, Managing Director of Global Hospitality, said: “Substantial savings are attainable through the understanding of the operator brand guidelines and ensuring these are met but not over-designed, that the design is aligned with the geographical location and recognising suppliers who can offer value and quality products within the set budget.”

With the FF&E percentage of total room construction costs varying across different star-gradings in the hotel industry investors are demanding even more value and expertise from contractors to ensure delivery within budget. 

"Our research and wealth of experience highlight the importance of having a dedicated interior designer in all hotel new build and refurbishment projects from the very beginning. Their ability to implement and develop original ideas, maximise the use of space, utilise original pieces of furniture and ultimately introduce an environment which ensures a memorable guest experience and promotes return visits, is crucial,” added Sona.

Contrary to standard interior design there are several factors to take into consideration when addressing the needs of a hotel. A multitude of stakeholder requirements can place additional cost and time on the decision-making process while the size and scale of the project add a different level of complexity very different from more standard developments.

Competent hotel interior designers also have an integral role in creating a substantial return on investment (ROI) by budgeting correctly and protecting the longevity of the project profits.

"The role of the interior designer is multi-faceted with a particular focus on creating the concept and ensuring the delivery of the finished product. Their role as a conduit between the project manager and owner is crucial throughout the project lifecycle and a major factor in timely delivery and within budget,” said Sona.

During AHIC, Sona will be judging entries during a new concept brand pitch to mid-market owners including Radisson Red Oakwood, Inside by Melia and Huxley Hotels on day two as well as moderating the discussion: Outward investment and travel from China, on day three.

While Wessel Witthuhn, Dress and Sommer’s Director of Development & Construction Global Hospitality will participate in the panel on SPACE – Construction & development with the future of the planet and your future bottom line at the forefront and Damien Rizzi, Head of Asset Management Global Hospitality will be moderating the panel: What are the benefits of management company’s vs third party management companies.

Drees & Sommer commenced operations in the Middle East in 2003 by providing innovative solutions to the region’s real estate and hospitality sectors. Globally, the company has developed an impressive track record since it was established nearly 50 years ago and has delivered an extensive portfolio of world-class developments around the world including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Riyadh, Jeddah as well the UK, Germany and Switzerland, amongst others.



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