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115416 05 Mar 2019

Hozpitality.in launched as a dedicated hospitality job board in India

The new website will assist Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Travel and Retail industry in HR and Marketing in India.

After success in Dubai and the Gulf, Hozpitality Group launched their websites, www.hozpitality.in and www.hozpitalityplus.com in India for the Indian Hospitality Industry.

We are providing support to Hotels, Restaurants, Travel, Airlines, Retail etc with HR, PR and Marketing. Indian hospitality professionals can now search for Hospitality Jobs in India, Hotel Jobs in India and Restaurant Jobs in India on Hozpitality.in, said Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality Group

Hozpitality India has opened an office in Mumbai from where it will be servicing top Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Travel industry, Retail and other Customer service industries looking for support with Recruitment and Marketing, added Vandana.

Since we are a dedicated Hospitality company, our strength lies in the fact that we offer no recruitment spam through our platform. For a hospitality job, only hospitality professionals would be able to apply as they are relevant, we have put filters in place so that only people working in the hospitality field should apply for relevant vacancies, thus reducing spam and time wasted in filtering unnecessary applications, said Raj Bhatt, CEO and Founder, Hozpitality Group.

This would be a great platform for Hospitality companies in India looking for their own hospitality niche website and would like to move away from a generic recruitment platform, thus saving both time and money. We have already started generating huge interest and we are very excited about this opportunity, added Raj.

Through our marketing and networking platform, www.hozpitalityplus.com we plan to offer marketing solutions to hospitality companies in India. It is sad that currently, most of the hotels do not share press releases and announcements online in India as in other parts of the world. We would like to change this for India. We will also be launching our Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards in India soon, said Raj.

About Hozpitality Group:-

Hozpitality consists a database of over 1 million registered hospitality professionals in in its 3 websites, www.hozpitality.com – “Dedicated hospitality website for Jobs in Middle East, Africa and Asia”, www.hozpitality.in – Dedicated hospitality job board in India and www.hozpitalityplus.com – “Dedicated hospitality networking group”. Apart from the registered candidates Hozpitality we reaches out to over 1 million professionals through monthly email marketing from over 186 countries.

Hospitality is a trillion-dollar industry and is also the largest service industry, not to mention one of the fastest growing industries in the world. From hospitality jobs in Mumbai to restaurant jobs in Delhi, and Café jobs in Chennai , millions of workers in India and around the globe are proud to call themselves hospitality employees. Whether you want to greet 5 star hotel guests in Pune, Bangalore, Cochin; become an Executive Chef in Uttarakhand or Calcutta; or serve up coffee in Kerala, there is a rewarding hospitality career designed to match your unique skills and interests. To find prospective Indian hospitality jobs, just search by industry, department, level, and/or location. You can also search by keyword(s), such as "Indian hotel jobs" or "Hospitality Jobs in India".

In addition to 5 star hotel jobs listing jobs in India, Mumbai, Calcutta, Indore, and around the world, Hozpitality.in offers professional CV designing, a community network for employers and job seekers, a directory of hospitality suppliers, Latest Hospitality News, Hotel News, Movements and Appointments and Hospitality announcements, hotel deals, restaurant coupons etc. We do more than just list jobs; we provide an effective platform where all hospitality professionals can unite. Advertise or find Cruise ship jobs in India, Catering jobs in Gujarat, Travel jobs in Delhi, Sous chef jobs in Kochi, and more with Hozpitality.in, your “Opportunities in Hospitality” …

The dedicated hospitality networking group Hozpitalityplus.com, publishes and shares Latest Hospitality News, Announcements, Hotel openings, Promotions, Events, Hospitality Movements and Appointments and Hospitality announcements, Reviews, Blogs etc. We provide an effective platform where all hospitality professionals can unite, network, benefit and share.

Hozpitality Consulting is a Global Executive Search consultancy based out of Toronto, Canada. Our success lies in building a long term relationship and delivering results quickly and efficiently for a “much lower cost”. We are experts in locating the best possible suitable executive and management candidates for placements in all types of hospitality organizations around the world. Through our matchless database, communication and networking, over the world, we provide our clients with the most skillful candidates.

"Hozpitality Buzz- The inside scoop" is a TV show based on the hospitality industry in Dubai and UAE, is in English and telecast-ed on a premier TV channel in Middle East & North Africa reaching out to approx. 10-12 million viewers. To know more about the TV show, Please log on to:- www.facebook.com/hozpitalitybuzz and https://www.youtube.com/Hozpitality 

Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards are presented to recognize top industry organizations which have shown skill, creativity, ingenuity and success in the Middle East & North Africa’s growing hospitality industry. Logon to www.hozpitalityexcellenceawards.com

To know more about the group, Please log on to:

www.hozpitality.com , www.hozpitality.in  www.hozpitalityplus.com , www.hozpitalityplusevents.com , www.hozpitalityconsulting.com, www.hozpitalityexcellenceawards.com