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Who should be more concerned about the other, the hotel or the guest?!

In my hospitality career, I have seen many hotels that dedicate their efforts to serve their guests, handle their requests or complains. However, I hardly see a guest that shows commitment to the hotels they use or any of its facilities. 

In my work at hospitality industry, I have witnessed many guests who abuse the facilities, products, and services provided by the hotel employees or management. Also, some of those abusive guests use social media to express their anger or dissatisfaction with the hotel service or employees to degrade its reputation as a kind of revenge. 

I have suggested the creation of a site that rates guests as guests could rate hotels at other sites. At that site, people of the hospitality industry could post their bad experiences with bad, fraudulent or abusive guests.

I thought the site could serve the increase of hotels' safety by working as a reference place where hotels could verify their suspicion regarding a specific guest. The site also could help decrease the cost of damage and waste caused by those abusive guests through identifying them in advance and being ready to deal with them professionally, especially that those guests know that they are rated somewhere and anyone could check their rate or read their bad stories at specific hotels. In addition, the site will provide a safe and healthy environment for hotels' employees to express their frustration and bad experiences with certain guests. 

Even though I didn't create the site yet, I thought of sharing the idea to hear your thought about it and how it might harm or benefit the hospitality industry.

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Comment by Ram Gupta on January 2, 2018 at 11:51

Hi Mona,

While I have come across many angry guests, I am yet to come across abusive guests,abusing the staff or hotel property. The idea of rating guests sounds radical. I feel the image of the hotel should be a deterrent to such abusive guests not coming to the hotels. Generally in boutique or upscale hotels we do not find such gusts, at least in my 45 of experience across three continents I have not come across such guests. But then there might be exceptions as you are discussing!

Comment by Peter Scott McAlpine on December 15, 2017 at 7:23

Many guests deserve to be rated. Some complain purely to get benefits from the hotel. The downside of this is that some guests might be so upset about the truth that they will sue the hotel. So, the rating system would have to be created to avoid the possibility of the hotel being sued.

Comment by Aijaz Ali on December 14, 2017 at 23:48

What a refreshing thought when the industry is only thinking of technology upgrades to remove humane touch from the hospitality industry. Many current services are becoming obsolete or under-utilized such as Concierge, room service and so on.

Look forward to such an innovation to help the industry. Best wishes. 

Comment by Mustapha Kostas on December 14, 2017 at 20:15
Thank you for this interesting subject.I am really concerned about it. I had somel bad experience with some hotel guest or we can call like travel maker. Ho always look to make complaints and looks after that for some complementaries from GM or other managers.if they believe them. But because the guest is always right. The staff will be punished and he will suffer even a lot of time because he was doing his job.
To be correct not all complaints are like that. Some of those we are the only responsible and some of those we participate like staff to promote this complaints to go so far.
Really we learn everyday of our problems.and if I continue every problems of those coming from the guest travel maker will take more than one page of your site. And take more time. But we will share it in the future if is possible. And thank you so mush for the subject.
Comment by Vandana Bhatt on December 14, 2017 at 12:08

Hi Mona, welcome back! It's long since we heard from you. And that's a fantastic idea of hoteliers posting about their guests. Look forward to the next post, :)

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