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The Front Desk is much like a stage with you as the producer. It is generally one of the first and last impressions that guests will receive of your hotel; therefore, it is particularly important that a professional environment is maintained at all times. Several key areas to focus on in order to maintain a professional environment are:

 There are tools in place at the Front Desk to ensure that the entire staff is focused on delivering quality service. These tools and a brief description of each are provided below. Your role will include personal knowledge, training, reinforcing and ensuring compliance with all standards.

You can divide the guests into four different market segments: family travelers, leisure travelers, business travelers, and group travelers. While each guest within these groups will expect different things from their stay, you can use these broad groupings to help identify key items to point out to the guest to enhance their stay experience.

»Family Travelers – Generally, families will want information that pertains to their children’s happiness. For example, when assisting a family, discuss things like the children’s meals available in the restaurant or other features of the hotel that would appeal to children. Try to place family guests in a room by the pool or offer them the opportunity to upgrade their reservation to a suite to allow for more room to move around.

»Leisure Travelers – Leisure guests will want information to enhance their trip. For example, when checking in a leisure guest, mention a signature treatment that the hotel’s spa offers or discounts that are available for local attractions. Offer the services of the concierge to assist leisure guests in making dining reservations or for further information on local attractions.

»Business Travelers – Usually, guests visiting the hotel for business travel are savvy travelers. Discuss the features of the hotel (business center, Fast board, etc.) that will make this guest’s stay easier. It is a good idea to highlight room features such as a quiet room or offer the opportunity to purchase an upgrade to the Regency Club/Grand Club level.

»Group Travelers – Group travelers are focused on the meetings that have brought them to the hotel. To assist these guests, place them into rooms close to the meeting space and have information about their meeting schedules at the Front Desk at check-in.


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