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Looking at the dynamic and contemporary environment, we need to focus on the succession planning of our hotel associates especially to strengthen and empower our second in line personnel. This would not only benefit the Organization but would be great aid for the personal development and growth of the entities and also to avoid career plateaus.

At the moment, whenever any of the immediate incumbent is away from workplace we all come to stand still position as our second in line associates are not trained enough to run the show independently. However, we need to guide and train them properly so that in the absence of directly responsible personnel, second-in-command could carry out the operations smoothly and successfully.

Following are the steps to be considered and evaluated to undergo the process of succession planning:

  1. Initially, we need to identify the key positions from the front of the office to the back of the house including the supervisors, managers and executives to keep things running smoothly. The first phase of the succession planning process entails making a list of the positions that absolutely must remain staffed in order to ensure that our daily operations can continue normally.
  2.  Secondly, we need to pick up the employees who currently fill those roles. Who is heading for retirement in the near future? Who is planning a career change or a cross-country relocation? Who is most likely to stick with the organization for the long haul? Make a list of the employees who pose the highest risk of leaving their positions within the next five years.
  3. Thereafter, we need to identify the second-in-command personnel who possess the potential and talent for further grooming and development.
  4. The fourth step is to assess the training needs of the incumbents so that they could be facilitated with the assortment of training programs.
  5. The next step is identifying the training, experience, and professional development that will be necessary to help each possible successor gain the credentials needed to evolve into their designated roles. Training programs such as “Cross Functional Trainings and Train the Trainer” concepts are of the most significance.



“Organization is Customer Oriented at the same time being innovative too for their valuable customers.”

Quality improvement of human capital in Organization through improvements in knowledge, skill and attitude and to support the development of a high quality and healthy hotel industry. Therefore, training and development programs are given magnificent importance in Organization.

Organization training objectives are:

  • To render excellence quality services to their esteemed customers in this competitive marketplace.
  • The major focus is on the Customers Acquisition, Retention and Establishing a Fruitful Business Relationship.
  • All hotel associates specially front liners must possess acceptable presentation skills
  • Must have thorough product knowledge to perform the tasks of up-selling and cross-selling
  • They should be well groomed
  • They should sustain the decision making skills
  • They should have excellent communication skills
  • They must be capable of handling customer queries and responding them back timely and effectively
  • Must possess leadership qualities
  • Should have team building accents



Suggested training programs are the product knowledge, interpersonal skills, quality service,  stress management, time management, attitudes and behaviors, decision making, problem solving are aptly suitable for the associates who are in direct or in-direct guest dealing contact. Therefore, we should focus towards the development and grooming of our internal customers who will bring-in more external customers ultimately escalating the revenues.       

Training programs can be designed in house and on the job so that these associates can easily learn and deploy the learned capabilities and skills into their workstations. Train the Trainer concept is getting prominent day by day which not only reduces the cost but also builds the leadership and team working traits amongst the staff members. Off the job can also be developed where the employees would be trained with case studies and role playing techniques.

Refresher Courses:

After the impartment of tailored made training programs, these associates should be recommended for refresher courses for re-hammering and enforcing the trained skills, knowledge and abilities for consistent compliance.

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