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While developing the Staffing strategy for your hotel the below points can be taken into consideration. These points will definitely help you achieve optimum utilization of the most valuable asset"Human Resource" or staff.

1. Sensible mix of staff:Well judged decision in regards to mix of staff

a. Thoughtful ratio of New staff and Experienced staff

b. Local and outstation staff

c. Hotel school pass outs and Non Hotel School graduates

2. Concentration on High Productivity with less numbers.

3. Qualified and Experienced staff to be given first priority.

4. Keeping the percentage of Service with benefit cost low in relation to the total cost percentage.

5. High priority to the training programs conduced within the Hotel premises.

6. Providing and Maintaining Employee accommodation and facilities in accordance with the defined standards.

7. Supporting the operational areas within the hotel by making the trainees available to these areas.



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