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Qualities and responsibilities of an excellent hotel manager

The key element of each profitable company is a professional and effective management team. The success of other people’s work and the general state of the organization depend on them. The hospitality sector is no exception. A talented manager improves financial and competitive position of the hotel, whereas a bad one can ruin even a profitable hospitality business.

A hotel manager runs the day-to-day operations of a hotel. In a small hotel one manager usually makes all important daily decisions, whereas in a large one a general manager has a number of subordinates which are responsible for different departments.

What skills and qualities does a good hotel manager need? 

Honestly, a hotel manager is like a superhero in suit and tie. He solves a lot of guests’ problems while they’re relaxing in the rooms. As usual, good hotel managers possess the following skills and qualities:

  • Excellent administrative and interpersonal skills;
  • Extensive knowledge of the hotel industry;
  • Strong time management skills;
  • Ability to work under stress;
  • Financial skills;
  • High level of initiative;
  • Energy and enthusiasm to work.

As you can see, a hotel manager should be a person of many talents and have experience and knowledge in different spheres in order to keep up with his or her responsibilities.

What does a hotel manager do?

As noted above, hotel manager responsibilities vary depending on the hotel size. However, there are at least five key duties that every hospitality manager should expect to do:

  • Managing budgets;
  • Customer service;
  • Human resource management;
  • Coordinating departmental tasks;
  • Supervising maintenance.

  1. Managing budgets

The first hotel manager responsibility is defining the commercial strategy of the hotel and the objectives that must be achieved in order to enhance the establishment’s turnover. A hotel manager prepares budgetsand monitors profits and losses of every hotel department. Besides that, he or she develops hotel improvement actions and is responsible for hotel promotional plans.

  2. Customer service

Good hotel managers should know how to satisfy customers and what to do to attract new ones. They monitor the quality of the provided services and make corrections. Besides that, a hotel manager should meet and greet some customers (VIP) in person and deal with their complaints and queries. If guests have a pleasant experience with a hotel, they will not only come back, but they will recommend it to their friends or workmates.

  3. Human resource management

The next hotel manager responsibility is working with the staff. The manager should recruit, train and monitor employees. He or she plans work schedules and makes sure that all departments have enough people to provide assistance to guests.

  4. Coordinating departmental tasks

There are different departments in the hotel. The hotel manager responsibility is to organize work of each department and to ensure that they maintain high standards. So the number of departments can be great, and one person isn’t always able to monitor them all. This is where the assistant hotel manager comes to help. This person supervises day-to-day operations of various departments and reports directly to the hotel manager.   

  5. Supervising maintenance

Another hotel manager responsibility is keeping all hotel buildings from decaying. It implies inspecting hotel regularly to make sure it meets safety standards. If there are some problems, the manager should organize repair and renovation projects in a manner that does not disturb guests.   

To sum up, a hotel manager is a pivotal figure in hospitality. We have told you only about 5 key duties, but the range of his or her responsibilities is much wider. This job is really tough and requires a lot of work and dedication from people, but grateful customers and good money brighten up their hard everyday life.

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