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How to Improve Your Hotel Image Using Different HR Practices

Have you ever stayed at the hotel with filthy rooms, disgusting breakfast and the stuff that ignores you and your wishes? Were you pleased with it? Would you like to book there a room once again? I bet, not at any price. What are the reasons for this kind of service? Some experts found the answer years ago – missing of HR practices is where the problem lies.    

Human resources are the key to everything. The importance of stuff in the hotel industry is continuously growing. To be sure, the better the service given to customers, the better the reputation of your hotel. To have the upper hand in the hospitality business you should train, develop and motivate your employees. Nobody says that it will be easy, but the results blow your mind.      

Ladies and gentlemen, the best HR practices are at your service.

  • Explain to everyone: leaders and employees are the team

In the 21st century, it must be a common truth – you all do one thing in your hotel. There is no difference – a president of the company or a cleaning worker, you are the team and all your actions are directed to the business development. I know, they have the different tasks, but no one must be underestimated. The terrible cleaning service as well as the poor management can leave you penniless.

  • Don’t use only psychological tests as the form for the stuff selection

Really, the worst idea in the world is to paint everyone with the same brush. People are different. If your job candidate is not a people person, but high skilled and intelligent, it is a big cause to hire him. Studies in the field of the best HR practices show that the most personality tests are useless. The majority try to tick the “right” answers instead of the honest.

  • Take all opinions into account

People think: “If I ignore it, maybe it will go away”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The good human resource manager is responsible for the diagnostics of the company’s problems. Regular use of anonymous surveys is a great method for getting the real opinions about the job and for improving the current situation. For example, if your employees complain of the new developments, it is high time to figure out the reasons. Probably the hospitality stuff is still not ready to use something new or they believe on reasonable grounds that the previous things were better.   

  • Remember, the fish stinks from the head

Bad top management is the reason why your hotel does not flourish. If you have noticed the high personnel turnover, it is a wake-up call that something isn’t right. It’s natural that sometimes people want to retire from the job, but if it has reached disaster proportions, more likely than not the problem lies in the hotel management.

  • Use experience of the best hotels

The sky is not the limit. Even the experts need to learn something new. Trainings, masterclasses, small lessons and other HR practices are very useful for developing the operational skills. Their aim is not comparing the stuff and saying: “Look, they are cool. Not like some”.  Their aim is to inspire and to show that your stuff can do the same, and can do it better. It’s very important for employees to be inspired and to be interested in career advancement.

The happiness of the customers is connected with the happiness of the employees. Various HR practices allow to measure and to increase the life satisfaction of the stuff. If it is low, there are big mistakes in the hotel management. If it’s high, you do all the things right.

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