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Design & Interior in Hospitality Industry

The tourism and hospitality industry is a major figure in the global economy. The demand for travel and hotel business is constantly growing. The hotel complex is an important element of the social sphere. It plays an essential role in increasing the efficiency of social production. The hospitality industry provides services that obtain such basic needs as shelter and food, increase customers’ wellbeing, improve physical and psychological comfort; moreover, hospitality design satisfies aesthetic demands.

Leading hospitality experts outline that nowadays the industry’s top priority is first of all to meet the needs of the clients and only then to increase the income of the enterprise. All company’s organisational levels should participate in the process of identifying the customers’ needs and find ways to meet and exceed their expectations.

Corporate Identity and Its Functions

Corporate identity (also known as brand identity) reflects the ideology of the company and its business approach. It is a product of a branding strategy. Hotel corporate identity is a calling card that will help to shape the image consumers will have. It is your visual, emotional and communicative identity. That is the base that will position the hotel’s image on the local market. Creating a corporate identity, you should always remember what impression you want to produce.

The corporate identity has three main functions:

  • it forms the image of the company;
  • it reflects the individuality of the company, determining its status and identifying the enterprise among the competitors;
  • it supports and strengthens corporate culture.

Various types of business have some specific constants. The hotel business constants are the facade decoration, interior elements, design of F&B outlets’ menu, invitations cards, etc. Thus, in the hospitality industry the designer not only develops a trademark, logo, brand constants (corporate colors, font, advertising formats and others), but also creates an interior, decor, utensils, staff uniform and other style-building elements. Corporate identity is able to confirm the company's reliability and helps form its positive image.

The Role of the Hotel Interior

The interior influences the visitors’ mood and the staff working conditions. Thus, in addition to aesthetic functions, the interior has a direct impact on the level of corporate culture. Its important task is to provide both physical and psychological comfort.

Professional interior of the hospitality industry enterprise is a kind of creative work. All individual elements should be in the mutual correspondence, united by the common design and the author's intention. The unity of interior style is achieved by the balance of its interrelated components – building mass, colour composition, lighting techniques and decorative elements. For example, furniture arrangement is determined by its purpose and the size of the premises; the lighting in its turn is aligned with the arrangement of furniture. The colour of the walls, ceilings and floors should harmonise with the colour of the furniture. The lighting influences the colour scheme of the interior in whole.

The type of an enterprise determines its design. The design solution is aligned with the chosen theme, service system, the hotel’s atmosphere and the price segment. Designers can mix elements of various styles to strengthen the concept of the enterprise in its interior – classic, retro, exotic, high-tech, etc.

The unique atmosphere is achieved not only by the hotel interior, but also by the staff’s behaviour. A special role is played by the personnel who welcome the guests. Entertainment show helps create a certain mood. The hotel’s atmosphere forms a contingent of visitors, determines their manner of behaviour and requires relevant dress code.

The hotel is not only a place to spend a night during the trip. It can also become a place of interest where the clients can get some unforgettable experience – a place they want to visit again.

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