This article is designed to make you think, or to make you quit was recently in Denver moderating a round table discussion concerning the upcoming crop of hoteliers. Some of the questions posed by members. Was that in their opinion the new generation had little interest in putting in the time required to succeed in the industry? It seems that there is a rush to the top, with no stops along the way. We the current guard of the industry are seen as outdated and we lack tech knowledge. Comments from the audience: We are held back by the "Old Ones" we are faster and more able to handle situations quicker. Other comment: "we are able to handle our generation better, for we know what they want" Panel discussed educational issues, such as degrees, certification programs and ongoing studies.


The new crop as we call them, feel that the college degree is sufficient for their needs, however certification designations are not. In their opinion certification is ok for the past generation, but in their view they don't feel that it is an advantage for them. Questions and debates went on for the remainder of the session.



My Take

First of all I guess that I am the old guard that does not have tech savvy. I could add that the new guard lacks patience, and common sense. I am sure that there is a lot of the new generation that have put in their time and effort to become savvy hoteliers. It seems that when these discussion come around they draw the skeptic ones. Since I have traveled the road and met the challenges along the way, I guess that makes me a "Hotelier" I expressed that right now for the old guard is still doing the hiring, be careful what you wish for. I. Also will say this to the new generation, there is no certification that I know of for "Stupidity" Now that I have that out of the way, have a good day.




It was a productive session, not all of the comments were negative, and there was some positive comments as well, as a whole most of the younger hoteliers did asked intelligent questions. There was concern about their ability to succeed in the hospitality business. They said that not all of their generation was of the same frame of mind as those that don't have the patience to put in their time. It is going to be interesting when the new guard takes over, I hope |I am still around to see it, if anything to write about it. What will the major impact be? Will a new hoteloligy surface? Only time will tell. To the younger ones: tread lightly there are minefields out there.


The Hotel Guy



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Comment by santram on April 19, 2014 at 9:28

Mr Alan Campbell has rightly differentiated between old and new generations of hoteliers. Sooner or later, old professionals are to be replaced by the younger ones. Let us be positive and see the future of hospitality industry which is supposed to be a bright one.

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