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1.     Listen with concern and empathy.

2.     Isolate the guest if possible, so that other guests won't overhear.

3.     Stay calm. Don't argue with the guest.

4.     Be aware of the guest's self-esteem. Show a personal interest in the problem. Try to use the guest name frequently.

5.     Give the guest your undivided attention. Concentrate on the problem, no on placing blame. Do NOT Insult the guest.

6.     Take notes. Writing down the key facts saves time if someone else must get involved. Also, Guest tends to slow down when they see the front desk agent trying to write down the issue.

7.     Tell the guest what can be the best done. Offer choices. Don't promise the impossible, and don't exceed your authority.

8.     Set an approximate time for completion of corrective actions. Be specific, but do not underestimate the amount of time it will take to resolve the problem.

9.     Monitor the progress of the corrective action.

10.  Follow up. Even if the complaint was resolved by someone else, Contact the guest to ensure that the problem was resolved satisfactory.

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