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Who should be more concerned about the other, the hotel or the guest?!

In my hospitality career, I have seen many hotels that dedicate their efforts to serve their guests, handle their requests or complains. However, I hardly see a guest that shows commitment to the hotels they use or any of its facilities. 

In my work at hospitality industry, I have witnessed many guests who abuse the facilities, products, and services provided by the hotel employees or management. Also, some of those abusive guests use social media to express their anger or…


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Importance of Social Proof for the Hospitality Industry


There are 7 billion plus individuals in today’s world. Every day, more and more of them appear on the digital grid,…


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What You Need to Know About VAT in the UAE

To create new sources of income, member countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) have decided to introduce a minimum VAT in the nearest future. As for the UAE, it is going to implement VAT since January 1, 2018. What does it mean for the Emirates’ economy in general and its hospitality industry in particular?

Specifics of VAT in the UAE…


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Over 100 top hospitality leaders and companies awarded at the 3rd Middle East Hozpitality Excellence Awards in Dubai

After receiving over 107,600 votes for various categories, the popular choice Awards for hospitality industry were a great success.


The brand new Rixos Premium hotel in Dubai hosted the 3rd Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards on Sunday 26th Nov 2017. The sold out event was attended by over 500 top hospitality leaders in Middle East. The glamorous evening included a reception, a great meal and excellent entertainment, in addition to the…


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Branding Basics for Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels can be considered the new kid of the block. Although they’ve been in existence for several decades,…


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Real Estate Industry Trends: Coworking and Coliving

Sharing economy and particularly collaborative consumption is a worldwide trend. In the current economic situation, coworking and coliving can become a viable alternative to expensive office and housing rent. These trending words hide new business opportunities. So what are coworking and coliving, what are their features and advantages?

Coworking: Productive Environment…


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Importance of Profile Picture!

Professionals shuffle amongst different companies to get more exposure, to learn and explore their limits and strength. We all know the importance of keeping the CV updated with the recent courses and expertise.…


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The Wabi-Sabi Edge: Redefining the Hotel Space

“To Taoism, that which is absolutely still or absolutely perfect is absolutely dead, for without the possibility of growth and change there can be no Tao” - Alan Watts…


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Are you recruiting wisely?

The recruitment process has evolved drastically over the past one decade. The old fashion way of recruiting does not always work with most of the companies. Depending on the size of the company, different companies use different strategies and source of recruitment. Most of the companies now head their own HR department to process the hiring and maintain employee relations.…


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Should you hire someone who has been fired? - Food for Thought.

A lot of companies, or should I say Recruiters/ Hiring Managers/ Human Resources professionals REJECT a job application if the candidate isn't currently working. YOU should not be making that error in judgement.

As a Human Resources professional, I know that getting the right candidate for the right job at the right time is a very difficult task. What is even more difficult is taking a decision to invest into a candidate and bringing someone on-board just on the basis of a…


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Cementing Consumer Relationships – The Need of the Hour in the Hospitality Industry


Consumers are the heart and soul of the hospitality industry and they’re becoming smarter, savvier, and more demanding with each passing day. To keep their guests happy and satisfied, hotels must give serious thought to building long lasting customer relationship. This way, their guests not…


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15 Ways to Attract the Guests :

Understanding what motivates people to take action is the underlying force that allows the best hotel management companies to increase demand for their guest rooms. Selling your hotel to the traveling public is a very complex process. Attention must be paid to every detail. If you can provide more of what a guest wants at a better price than the competition, word will get around and your occupancy rate will soar.…


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10 Ways of Handling Guest Complaints


1.     Listen with concern and empathy.

2.     Isolate the guest if possible, so that other guests won't overhear.

3.     Stay calm. Don't argue with the guest.

4.     Be aware of the guest's self-esteem. Show a personal interest in the problem. Try to use the guest name…


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Potential Property Management Challenges and Ways of Their Prevention

It is always easier to prevent any property management issues than to solve problems encountered and deal with their negative effects. This article covers some possible problems in the sphere of property management, as well as solutions to them.

In the context of political and economic…


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Looking to Become an Indispensable Employee for Your Hotel?

Are You An Indispensable Employee In The Hospitality Industry?

Learn how to become one….…


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10 Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills


1. Inspires and motivates others

Great leaders create a vision of the future that is vivid and compelling, and that motivates employees to want to achieve it. Everyone wants to work for a company that makes a difference in the world. As a leader, you are best able to help the members of your team connect what they do to the impact it has on customers and communities.

2. Displays high…


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Out in Spring 2018: GSAIR 2018-19 | Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report - 7th edition


7th edition of Industry-leading report to be published next Spring





For immediate release


The Apartment Service has announced…


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Importance Of Meetings in Hospitality Sector

Meeting’s a Bore? Not Anymore! 


The strategic importance of a meeting may seem like a myth nowadays, especially if the ones you’ve experienced at your work place haven’t been all that meaningful for you. Employees…


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Why Is Display of Art In Hotels So Significant?

Are Luxury Hotels Becoming Fine Art Spaces?…


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10 Interview Questions :

Interview questions to get you started during Interview :

If you need a place to start, use these examples of behavioral questions and the competencies they address:

1. Adaptability – Tell me about a situation where you were under a great deal of pressure because of numerous demands competing for your time and attention. How did you resolve the situation?

2. Customer service – Tell me about the most difficult customer encounter you’ve experienced. How did you handle…


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