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If you would like to tell us how did it affect on you this time?
for me some of the advantages I used to have is not available any more or at least some of them.
Like cutting off 20% of expenses of the agency including transportation, phone calls, which it means I'll pay it from my own salary, if I can't find to cut it off.
what about you??

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You mean ... how the economic situation affect my job? Personally speaking, my status right now doesn't have anything to do with this global economic crisis. Six months ago, I resigned from my post as Business Development Manager from a Tourism Company in Dubai.... main reason is that salary come after months when I am already indebted here and there and bills are piling up and I realized that I cannot even live a decent life. I believe, this situation is not alien to most of us.

Fortunately, after long months of waiting, I found a new company where I now apply and share my rich experiences and professional capabilities acquired in Germany, Phils and UAE and hopefully looking forward, the soonest possible, for Naseem Al-Brari to be known as one of the leading Cargo & Tourism company not only in Middle East but globally as well. ;-)


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