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Im more curious and frustrated but, why when people pose a good question, inevitably someone always asks if they can submit a CV or to give the personnal email adress so they can discuss getting a job????   It is a discussion forum, there is a seperate forum for jobs yet these people still ask!!    Anyone have any clue why they would do that as myself personnally I wouldnt think of hiring them if they did that because obviously they have no clue on how "job hunting" is supposed to happen.   I hope someone can enlighten me or those people that do this read about it and stop so we can talk about important matters!

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Very true, might someone can assist those posters and post an article where they can find all job hunting related agencies, etc...

guess desperate times, for some right now.

I can understand your point, but when it comes to someone hopeless he/she is trying with all methods to get job especially the situation in UAE becomes very difficult.

One more thing to submit CV or to ask for job in not IMPORTANT MATTERS?????


there is no harm in helping out,sometimes in  the path of life there have been occassions where people have felt like sending in a cv or for the matter of fact trying all methods to be assisted with in regards to getting a job,life as a whole is tough 

Unfortunately even in the right methods of recruiting,right candidates are not selected so why not try something different;normal they say is boring

In today's era hospitality should mean assisting all corners of society and not only f&b related or room related

Customer driven means customer to be satiated in all mediums

 irrespective of creed,caste,profile,taste etc

they not confident with their education or experienced ( no self confident)


I have about 9 yrs of experience as a front Office Manager in a reputable 4 star hotel. I am looking for a suitable placement of similar capacity. I can forward you my CV on request. Appreciate your help. Thanks!


How does the above message take the importance of the existing discussion? If the discuss is of significance, it should still continue - This msg would only be given a priority or response if the subject to the existing discuss is of lesser importance to the public. Tread hijacks are normal.. of all the various so called important subject is being discussed, finding a suitable job opportunity would be of higher priority to some.. so give them a chance, if you cannot help then ignore the msg, there might be an employer in the thread who would be interested.. 


i feel only a successful site or a discussion board would have members posting their requirements in finding help.. 


PS: I am NOT looking for a placement at the moment and the above was only a scenario.. but if i ever think i might need a change and i was experienced in the hospitality industry, i would definitely consider a few msgs on these boards.. you never know where the best opening can pop out from.. :)

Very good


this is a professional plus kind of social site.if some one is posting cv it should not be minded.posting a cv  means some one is asking for your help in case if you can but if you can't its ok just delete it

there is no reason for getting curious or frustrated.

i have given jobs to two people who contacted me through this site and posted their cv on my profile.

talking about important issue is different thing where nobody is stopping you but if we are a good human being we would always help people through this site rathar than getting CURIOUS & FRUSTRATED

thanks n regards

Mr Adamsom

You are very right my friend, people should not get frustrated coz someone has asked to be assisted. Its a matter of one being humanity period.
This ia a social site mind you, there is no harm if someone is asking your help. These days you can get somewhere or get a job through this kind=of networking. If you feel you can not help its not a crime. Thanks to the one who introduced this site.

Sorry to step in again, and though a lot of you raised points valid for doing it, but

1. my time is limited and I do enjoy a discussion with same minded people about topics I do consider important myself, even I do much more fancy the good old sitting together having a cup of coffee or a drink and chat on about it. So I do not want to step in again if people just posting their CV, because it does not benefit me, unless I do want to take the job of our HR.


2. I do believe in giving the people already working in my business a chance first to come up with some suggestion or solution to an opportunity we have (including the HR topic) and decide upon their proposal for a yes or no (well we do pay them money for doing this job), and if they repeatedly can not come up with something what would work (and in case of HR topics for my management position rather something very in detailed, because we also do have a responsibility for the employee as well for the company, not to flag it after 3 months stating it did not work out) than I might think of some of my old contacts and asking them for some candidates or even an agency and last I would look in here, and if than I would also check upon the posting of this person, if she or he only posted their CV offer, or something thoughtful as well.


please this is just my opinion, and your points are valid, but thats just how it seems to work for me.


take care guys



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