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Dear Hospitality industry colleagues,

Congratulations on being a member of the fastest growing and dedicated hospitality networking. We are sure you are enjoying and getting benefited by being here!!!

For those of you who have recently joined, here is what you can do on the network:-

INVITE all your hospitality professional friends to this network. It gives you a chance to stay in touch with them, share ideas, views etc. You can invite new members to this network HERE.
MAKE FRIENDS on the network, add professionals using the networking site to stay in touch
• Add respectful PHOTOS on the site HERE
• Add respectful VIDEOS on the site HERE. Videos are approved before they show on the site.
• Add any DISCUSSIONS on the network HERE. Necessary discussions will be shared with members of the entire team by us. The discussions should be posted under their own respective topics.
• Add any BLOGS on the network HERE. Necessary discussions will be shared with members of the entire team by us. Job related posts should not be posted under BLOGS.
CREATE YOUR OWN GROUPS on the network HERE. Invite your friends and colleagues to your group and start networking. You may also join any existing groups and network within the group.
POST EVENTS that you may want professionals to visit HERE.
• CHAT with the members of the network HERE.
JOB RELATED ADVERTISEMENTS are shown on this network only through . Please send us an email on in case you wish to advertise jobs. We have over 600,000 hospitality professionals registered from 186 countries.
ADVERTISE your brand, company in both and . We have over 600,000 hospitality professionals registered from 186 countries. If you wish to advertise with us, please write to us at
HOSPITALITY SUPPLIERS may list their company with us HERE. To list your company in our yellow pages and reach out global hospitality industry, please write to us at
SEND US YOUR TESTIMONIALS, we would like to hear from you about your experience/feedback/suggestions with our sites. Please write to us on
• Also you can READ LATEST NEWS/ANNOUNCEMENTS/MOVEMENTS and stay in touch with the world’s latest.


No Inappropriate Content. Please keep all content you post in Hozpitalityplus including Discussions/Blogs/Videos/Photos and comments focused on Hospitality Industry. Content that is NOT APPROPRIATE on Hozpitalityplus includes, but is not limited to, advertising, material copyrighted by someone who isn't you, any content that is vulgar or obscene or contains adult themes or images, including sexual commentary or imagery. You should post content owned by you only as per the copyright act and the source should be mentioned on the content clearly if needed. Abusive language, name-calling, insults, harassment, spamming, flaming, baiting and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Further, members are prohibited from making posts or comments that encourage this type of behavior. Hozpitalityplus reserves the right to take appropriate measures, including deleting content, blocking any member from posting to our site and/or revoking the membership for any behavior we determine to be damaging to our community.


Please Refrain from Advertising. It is not appropriate to advertise your business, products or services on the Hozpitalityplus public forum, public image gallery or in comments you leave on other member’s profile walls or blog posts. It is acceptable to mention your business on your own profile page or blog post. Our network administrators will delete any content that is construed as advertising.


This is Not a Dating Site
If you're looking to find a date, or a mate, or anything of that sort, this is not the place to do it. No erotic, suggestive, or pornographic content will be permitted. It is inappropriate to use this site as a way to make romantic connections. There are sites designed for that, please use them, and do not behave as if this is one of those sites. If you do, we will remove you from our membership.


We thank you again for joining us on the network and hope together we will make this the most preferred network for the hospitality industry globally.


Hozpitality team

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Dear Raj,

From : Thomas Sam, Kuwait.

Thanks for the vivid details given above details for the benefit of New & Old Members.
Cheers for a Bright Year Ahead
Good luck Thomas,
Thanks Alot For this Info.
Good luck and happy networking !!!
happy new year to all,its good think we can touch each other,we spending time with all,site is helping us latest news up to date,sharing our ideas,thanx a lot man
Good luck and happy networking !!!
Dear Raj,

Excellent idea & good way to keep in touch. Also, please provide me your contact details??
Sent by email....Pls be in touch !!!
wishing you and your family a very happy neaw year 2010.

Banaras khan-DUBAI
Thanks, Same to you too !!!
Thanks, Good luck

Congratulations, you have taken a great step towards the hospitality networking. Being a member I am delighted.All the very best.

T.G.Rambabu Naidu


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