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"What the hospitality business needs to do to survive in today's market"

Dear Friends,


I would like to hear your opinions on What we, as hospitality professionals, need to do to survive in today`s market. The market is changing, we have to battle each other in orther to achieve good RevPar and income.

I would like to hear your honest opinions and thoughts on the best ways to conduct our business, on the goals that one should make, on the ways to make your property different and better than the others around you.

I would like to hear everyones opinion, with special regard to those with experience in Scotland.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation


Best regards


Rui Costa

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Dear Rui
well nowadays as you said world has changed and any liek any other crisis thisnk change, nowadays i presume need to be very foucosed and to search for new ideas, but as sugggestion it will be synergies within hotel and may be others, and to use synergies for other areas, but always to work together.
On my old experiences for sure synergies has always paid me off
Focus on online globle marketing. Try to get new companies. Make very good relation with key person. Make something different then others. Strong marketing team from business cities. Introduce attractive package.
This global marketing includes everything possible to get your business noticed. I have noticed a lot of advertising on Facebook. Does anyone have any insight on how this have improved their presence they would like to share?
Thanks in advance.
David Neeley
Marketing Communications Specialist
CONTEMPO Events Design
Dubai, UAE
Dear Mr. Rui,


As we all know that for the last 2yrs, global crisis really affected "our" market .I think we should create a new idea,i.e..a very special and affordable package for FIT or for a family, offer a discounted room rate with other inclusions. Telemarketing could also help, try to call some old companies ,travel agency,tour operators and offer them best possible rates.

Online bookings indeed a big help,just as like others we must lessen the rate.
Dear Ellein

Now most of the companies offering very low right. In Dubai Some of Hotel they Put Offers like FMCG ( 99 per night). then also the occ rate is lower????? so it means its not a matter of affordability. Now all the Corporate reduce the travelling and accommodation cost because of recession. in families all they are fear of their future nobody like to spend their savings for lesure.
The situation needs to change ............. slowly
I should say, INNOVATION. Change the way you look to your property, look out of the box, and always test new way to do things (it not necessarily to lower rates). It's not easy, specially if the boss are their out door asking for results, but we should try.
I agree with you. I think our ideas have to be on the innovation and services part. If we reduce the price we will reduce our income, and that will result in a loss of profit.
I think the chalange nowadays is more on the guest services and marketing part. The ways to win more clients, and above all the ways to retain and keep the ones that are already with us.
What should be tye stratagies by segmentation, what market niches we can approach, etc...
Lowing the price we can also be lowering inderectly the notion that the new client as of our services and facilities. It can work against us, I think?
All of your answers are focused on Your needs. What happened to the needs of the guest? When sales people go out they focus on the needs of the client with in the parameters of their needs. Personalize the property with your guest and they will use you all the time. The economy has suffered no doubt, yet I think some hoteliers are using it as an excuse. The fix should have been done a long time ago, you should be on the up swing by now. If you aren't something is wrong.. Find out what it is.
The problem also is that hospitality today is not managed by hotelier, but by finance people. Most of the time they have never know how work a hotel, and what are guest and employee needs, the important is the "dividend" to share with investors.
I agree with you Youssel, you are right. Everytime we want to deliver a new service cost always becomes an issue, thus the goodwill is lost in the long run.
i feel the same problem exists here, requisitions for items to be purchased takes too long; if something has to be replaced etc the procedure becomes too lengthy and accounts department are not interested in serving needs of the guest they are only interested in cutting costs and undermining quality.
I agree as some of our friends have mentioned that there should be change in the environment of the hotel or in short wow!!! Feelings should come from the guest.
That is why hotel takes feed back from the guest which helps to focus on common requirement & can be improved


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