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Dears, tell me what you will do If you met a Guest in your property and due to bad things happened to him at your property he was too nervous and he could not control his temper so suddenly he slapped you in front of the people. what will be your reaction then?

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take him away from the guest and call security and try to find out the reason of his anger and make him realise that what he did was not decent and absolutely unacceptable.
Well done.....Sir,you are the best
Well, thats a big one
My self I will take adeep breath and stay cool
calm down the guest until he is convienced to have a discuession behind doors
listen carfully for what makes him gone crazy and find the facts
reach to an agreement where the guest feel happy.
at the end of the day we should not loose such an "ase hole" guest
Sorry to say that kind of guests are not welcome any where. (Guests Black list) has been invented in Hotels for that agressive ones.
Dear Sharif,

I do understand, to be in this situation is very embarrasing, after all we managers are analyser we learn to handle awakward situation in our daily work, take it positive when, one slaps you cause after all he is a guest and we cannot just hit him back, the only thing can be done is to take a deep breath, and take him aside and discuss with him, get to the root cause, put a corrective measure and preventive measure, so your team and the networking team can learn how to avoid this type of situation in futur.
my reaction will be that i will allow him to go away with his troubles
First thing i dont have to take it personal
and i do not have to smile becuase in this case the guest will think that we Careless.
the must important thing is to take the guest away form busy areas,
-let him tell all the story: the angry guest is like the full ballon, if you stop him the problem will get bigger.
- take notes
- show him that you care, but do not use (WE or I am Sorry) so much, use it few times only .
- follow up with the guest when yu solve the problem.
- do not talk with the other guests about the case if they ask.
i will do the same
first of all.
if i let him slap me means i didnt handel the previous problem which make him this much angry. as a manager i will never let him reach to this anger. and if i got a slap so am not a profissional manager.
I hope i'm the guest ha ha ha!!! Sometimes we do loose our temper and reactions will never be planned and said in that same time. If it happens to me I have to be patient, call the GM & security and check with HR because for sure there are certain proceudres regarding this issue. When i was working in bahrain it happened a guest throw an ashtray to a HK supervisor and the guest was being sued and paid a certain amount to the HK supervisor for damages. But investigations were done before the guest was punished.

I will wait for him outside ( after my duty hours ) and do worst than what he did to me. ha ha ha joke, joke, joke !!!!! Anyway this is how we measure how long your patience is.
This require 'customer relations skills' which should be trained to all Front of the House staff including all managers. Afterall a guest is still a guest, depending on how you treasure your guests and if you want returned customers. As what 5 star international hotels practice - we are 'ladies and gentlemen' serving 'ladies and gentlemen'. If the guest is welcomed, he should feel at 'home away from home'. Handle the guest 'professionally' as ultimately you are in the Hospitality industry.
do you think if i give to my guest to slap me meanning as mannger missing a lot of trinning first of all i trine my self ( How to hanndell complean)(solving proplem)


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