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Please be so kind and find below few tips to increase our hotel or restaurant market share and produce

add value and guest satisfaction.

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When guests "flow", or when rooms are occupied tables, it is hearsay, when waiters running between kitchen, dining and cashier, when the reception is full of people with luggage and continuous printer prints invoices, ... feel good! But what attracts people in the restaurant or hotel?
The first lesson I learned was simple: "Customers are in the supermarket. The hotel and restaurant, are guests. " You have to treat each person as a visitor would come to visit. We all like to be treated well when we go to visit someone. That brings us to keep the host and we want to go back to visit. That makes the guests to return to our restaurant and our hotel.

A second lesson that I learned was as simple: "Do not make guests feel" at home ". Guests do not pay to feel like home. Paying guests feel like visiting it! "If the host says:" Make yourself at home! "And go to wash clothes, we will feel" OK ". But this "OK" is sufficient to make us back "needed" but not enough to return to "pleasure" and, in any case it is not enough to draw us back "money." Guests back when they feel "like to visit!

The third lesson I learned was about "What sells a hotel or that a restaurant?". Put your employees this simple question. If the answer is "A hotel sells rooms" or "A restaurant sells food" means that the hotel or restaurant you work in more than 30% of its potential. In this case, you need to helping all employees understand what is selling, because if I know they sell, they know how to provide it. To help them understand, let them discover for themselves what they sell by putting a few more helpful questions such as: "Why do people come to the restaurant instead takes some food?" Or "Why do people money hotel when he could leave her in the tent? ". Answering these questions alone, seemingly simple, they discover that what sells hospitality industry is definitely needs, comfort and pleasure, "the room" and "food" is only a pretext. For these guests paid (note the plus tips) and they are all to willing to return.

The fourth lesson I learned was smile. There is no smile success in the hospitality industry. To get this smile on the face of our employees is difficult, but is also very profitable. Perhaps the first idea that pops to mind is "The more highly paid, much more beautiful smile." Not true. In addition, if you paid more for a smile, no longer profitable for the company. The secret of getting the smile is proud to serve. Only employees who enjoy working in guest services can smile. Therefore, in hotels and restaurants, must work only those who enjoy and are proud to serve other people. To form such a team, when hiring staff, ask candidates if they do not serve (because that's what you learn), ask them if they like to serve. Hire them for attitude! A pleasant attitude and a sincere smile is what attracts visitors and boost revenues.

The fifth lesson I learned at the entrance of the hospitality industry was clean. In this field of activity, no more profitable investment than dirt. Sidewalk in front of the hotel (or restaurant), upper floor behind the toilet door, cutlery, crockery, shoes and nails waiter (check, out of curiosity, and this place), everything must shine. From pillow to maid gown, everything has to inspire confidence. Cleaning costs less, is memorable and attract guests.

The sixth lesson I learned was that the most effective advertising in the hospitality industry, is "the word guest. Satisfied guests every ten new guests will generate more than one TV spot in prime time. All "guests word is most harmful to the business and when they are not satisfied with the service. A disgruntled guest complains, on average, 12 people in turn will forward the message to another (on average) three people. Mathematically, ten guests unhappy means 360 people will avoid us. Therefore, each guest must leave the hotel or restaurant thanked us. This will attract new guests and a sharp rise.

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sir the most important things to atract to  custamars first facilities and food qualities and diferent types quezine means differ from other restaurant and food outlets in that city

Dear Sir,

Definetly you have right.What I expose me in my last discussion was a general vision and mix of blended to conducte us through top level in this hospitality industry.





sorry for my mistake...mix of ingredients instead mix of blended

Sixth lesson no longer applies a guest now can tell millions of the bad service (Internet)

Dear Sir,


Thanks for your reply.I definetly admit you are perfectly right with 6 point.At the present internet became a force for complain or for positive feed back receive from our guests.


Best regards,




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