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As we all knew Egypt after the revolution is Facing  lots of problems  regarding the tourism industry, every day there is a new disaster that affects the industry of tourism, I m working in a 4 stars hotel  in the industrial zone in Alexandria and 10 minutes away from borg el arab airport, our business was based on the long stay corporate with the factories around to supply accommodation to their expertise, and that kind of business is now coming down, and thankfully our chairman and GM are refusing to reduce the labor or the salaries.

I would like to ask you in such circumstances how could we go on and continue specially we tried to depend on the banquet events but most of the Egyptian are really afraid to attend parties moreover all the companies are reducing their expenses so 80% of the companies stopped their meetings and seminars to be held internally...

so how could we start building our business again ? 

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Hi Mina.

How are you? Hope you always fine with my message.
I just want to get knows from you about Alexandria, Egypt. How situation right now? Because I'm planning to stay there for a while. Is it safety or not?

Hope you can explain to me in details and save.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Hadi

Regarding the safety our hotel is considered one of the most safe hotels in Alexandria, It's well secured by the people around the area, 24 hours security, as the hotel is away from the city about 45 kilometers, for the rest of the city there are some demonstrations from now and then infront of the military base and the great library of Alexandria, but I can tell i stay always late at night going from one place to another till 4:00 n 5:00 am and from the revolution time till now  i didnt face any difficulty going to work or home .

Dear Hadi,

Thank you for the helpful comments and we wish save to our country as a primary request in order to continu our bussiness , otherwise what i wanted to share that we need to have a secure lands urgently and strongley , i repeat for whom can't understand how destroyed our industrey , we need all to have a secure country in order to let the tourist feel save in egypt then we can continue our steps


Mina Gergis

Dear Mina,

Thank you for your info, wish it will gonna be fine and growing fast again Egypt.

Best regards,



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