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I am looking for a full set of SOP's for a new opening herein the UK. The Cafe is in line with any Standard Starbucks/ Costa or good quality tea room in a 5* hotel.


If any one would be able to send me a set including any Health & Safety and Food Hygiene  mannuals it would be highly appreciated.


Kind regards


A very happy XMAS to all





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well i can help you in the but i will need more info i onw uk very well


you can contact me at 


Hi Luigi


I am as stated looking for an ops manual for a small coffee shop that will be doing a range of cold and hot sandwiches, cakes, salads and of course teas & coffee's. We will also have a fruit juice bar as well as as other soft drinks. there will be no alcohol served


i am looking for specific manual that would cover health & safety as well as hygiene and haccp.




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