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Dear My Friends,

This year i would like fix a new idea ( entertainment, free of charge ) in my restaurant for NEW YEAR.

Please advice.

Sadanandan P

Restaurant Manager.

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Dear Mr. Luigi,


yes, I am based in Dubai.


Thank You.

Sadanandan P

Dear Sir:

I wish this email finds you well, I would like to tell you new idea but may be it`s not new.

Why you didn`t do your celebration as Arabic style what I mean to dress you staff the Arabic traditional uniform then give some of them Arabic music tools like دف  or طبل (drum).

I am not sure this will be nice idea but I did it before in Syria in my own restaurant at new year celebration then i brought the DJ Arabic songs to mix with  foreign songs.

I wish all the best for you.

Dear Sir,


Thanks alot.

Best Regards.


Sadanandan P

Hi, New Year Celeebrations are purely based on your budget. Please let me know your proosed budget and the number of covers you intend to cater. You can even think of appointing event managers to plan your events based on the type of your clientle.

Hope this helps!



Dear Sir,


Thank You very much.


Sadanandan P


What type of entertainment do you propose?  Is it karaoke or DJ dance music?



I want something nicely to entertain my customers..that's it..


Thank You.


Sadanandan P


Hello Sadananda,


I reckon it would heavily depend on what type of restaurant it is, i.e. the restaurant concept itself. But from what I've seen having live entertainment for your guests, whether it be a two-piece band, a quartet, a pianist or violinist to keep your guests entertained on the last night of the year always proves to be quite successful.


Either way, good luck with that dear sir.


Kind regards,



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