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Dear Colleagues,

I am wondering how many of you has a mission statement in their hotel or company you work for? What is your mission statement? Do you really use it as a guideline?

Our mission statement is:

Provide to our guests unforgettable experience through extraordinary service and state-of-the-art-technology!

What is yours? Do you change it once in a while? If you change it why do you change it?

Regards to all,


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Hi Alain:

It's funny you have mentioned the " Mission Statement ". If your company has a mission statement why would they change it? Then it's not a mission statement. When you coin a Mission statement, you should believe in it and not just change it. I happened to be The Quality Control Chairman with one of the properties with Hyatt in the US. Believe me, it originated in America: Whether it was The Hyatt, The Marriots, Omni, The Hiltons, IHG and several Botique hotels, and not to mention about Ritz Carlton: If I correctly remember, Ritz Carlton coined the phrase early in the mid or the late eighties " We are Ladies and gentlemen seving Ladies and Gentlemen. This reflected in their advertisements even during recruitments. I somehow do not find that wordings in this part of the region. ( May be they changed it ??? ) As far as I know, they still adhere to that philosophy although I did find one of the leading hotels of the world just aped that statement just a couple of years ago by their Chairman in an address where he was honored. Bottom line: It's not just the Mission Statement.... Actions speak louder than words. Am I critical?? Please do let me know.
I like Pramod's answer! Actually that is exactly what it is... but a little more It has also become a public statement that most guests also know, they become excellent marketing objects.

The mission statement can be change. EX.: If your mission statement as a chain is : "Become No 1 hotel chain in the world for Quantity of Hotels with your brand" once you have reach that goal, shouldn't you be changing your mission statement?
If it is in India
ATITHI DEVO BHAV is the best
Mission statement is must in achieving any business goal. the mission statement always pampers the employees in achieving business targets or goals with a strategic action plan . Mission statement is a part of business strategy- communicate feelings to the employees. Mission statement is nothing but an alignment with a purpose of doing business. pramod chaturvedi
Exactly what I had in mind!
hi Mr.Alain

guest should return back to only us. this that mission my way is do whatever you want have fun,dance, end of time guest must be happay before they go.if do we contine this mission our revenue go up and we can reduce guest complain as well.this simple but powerful.

A mission statement is basically a common business goal that companies write so everybody in the company row the boat in the same direction.

The mission statement is written, you find it in frames in all back of the house areas and also some in the front of the house areas so the guests can see and understand what we are.

What you are saying about the fun and dance is great, it's the principles of great service in hotels and resorts it's not a mission statement.

But from your text we can elaborate a mission statement.

Lets Review your text:

guest should return back to only us. this that mission my way is do whatever you want have fun,dance, end of time guest must be happay before they go.if do we contine this mission our revenue go up and we can reduce guest complain as well.this simple but powerful.

So from your text taking into consideration the 2 important part of your text which I have bolded here we can elaborate the 2 mission statements.

1) "Increasing Revenues by Increasing the quantity of repeat Guests"

2) "Increasing the Quantity of Repeat guests by reducing guests complaints"

Management with a proper mission statement is an whole MBO (MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES) program by itself. Each statement's expected results must be measurable, that is why when you elaborate a mission statement, you must set the measurable standards like money, time, % etc... So in the first statement you have:

"Increasing Revenues by Increasing the quantity of repeat Guests"

When you eleborate that statement there is a part of it not written here but in a management memo that would precise on how much you want to increase revenues and when shall we do the measurement and assessments of the results:

"Increasing Revenues of 25% on december 31st 2011 by Increasing the quantity of repeat Guests"

Now the objectives are clear, mission statement is clear, let's make it happen.

Best regards to all!

My humble opinion.
A Mission Statement can be changed within a certain period of time (3-5-7 years) A Vision Statement is where the Head of the Company wants to the the company to in a longer term.

The motto from Ritz Carlton or Rezidor or Marriott is something many people have come across. Little do they know that it took a great deal of time and efforts from the management and staff of a company to build that up.

Slogan is empty words if actions are not follow-through with the same spirit. The company requires to develope a service culture that support the "Motto".

With the mission statement and service philosophy, you develop your yearly objectives that lead to financial success, guest satisfaction and employees loyalty.


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