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Hotel Review by Hozpitality:- Al Seef Resort and Spa by Andalus, Abu Dhabi

We couldn't have asked for a better stay after our very hectic business trip and organization of the Middle East Hospitality Excellence Awards in Dubai. Nestled in the hustle and bustle of modern city living, stands a beacon of ancient times, a fortress of times gone by, a place where you can relive the majestic, experience infinite opulence and delight in marvelous architecture.



Our ratings (Out of 10):- 8


Surrounded by some of the most valued landmarks of the city, Al Seef Resort & Spa by Andalus is conveniently located on Abu Dhabi’s Eastern Ring road and is only twenty minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport. This five-star resort is an urban sanctuary situated in close proximity to the city’s most dynamic and cultural experiences. Hotel is located only 5 min drive away from Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The hotel is close to an excellent shopping center with various restaurants; kids play grounds and activities and super market to get your needs.



Our ratings (Out of 10):- 9


Our check-in was handled very nicely by the Front Desk associate. The reception staff took time to explain the area to us and places to visit while staying in Abu Dhabi. The hotel has very helpful friendly staff, they always had a smile on their face and all took the time to ask how you are. The team, from the cleaners, to the pool staff, to the valets made sure that we were looked after well and had a great time at the hotel. it was our little one’s birthday on the day we were checking out. While leaving the hotel, they mentioned, they were supposed to come in our rooms for a little celebration with the cake and present for the little guy but had no idea we would be leaving early. Our little man was anyways happy to see the surprise present.   



Our ratings (Out of 10):- 9

We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa and the hotel rooms are spacious and very neat and clean, no smell of carpet or anything. We loved the way; they have personalized everything inside the room. From the carpet to the bath towel and even the backdrop behind the TV has their logo, the interior is just perfect. There was a media player in the room which was most enjoyed by our kids, they could plug in their I-pod and listen to their favorite tunes. The room totally gave us the feeling of being at home.

The kitchen design is also quite remarkable, the colors and arrangements were excellent. It had everything a family needs when away from home.


F&B Facilities:-

Our ratings (Out of 10):-8

Once you enter, the hotel will give you a feel of an ancient European town with adjacent low villas, with the marketplace, outdoor coffee shops, salons, grocery store and much more. It's a small city on its own, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. And guess what, like every European town, it has an Indian restaurant as well.

The hotel is a community in itself where you can hang out with family, sit on the porch while sipping on a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the poolside. There are also some restaurants and cafeterias inside the hotel, where you can enjoy dinner or late night coffee with cheesecake.

Attached with a mall that has a lot of restaurants and Carrefour also which make things easier.

We had our breakfast at the Bikers Café at Al Seef mall. It actually looked like a cool casual place to have lunch with the kids. The restaurant is nicely decorated and very funky.



Our ratings (Out of 10):- 9

“Outstanding” is the word for Pools at the hotel. Our rooms opened to the beautiful and welcoming swimming pool and the kids enjoyed every bit of it. The hotel has a great staff, fantastic pool layout with temperature controlled kids pool, adult lap pool and great huge hot tub for adults only.


Al Seef Resort and Spa has 4 large pools along, with the largest Jacuzzi in the UAE that can fit 20 people at one time. The pool area is the most people area of the hotel, surrounded by the sun lounges and Palm trees, it adds to the beauty of the property.


There is a small kid's pool which is safe enough for kids of 4 and above. It was the first time, we could enjoy the sunbed and watch the children instead of jumping in with them, and sometimes you just want to chill.


There are Fitness Centers with Treadmill, elliptical, recumbent bike and free weights.



Our ratings (Out of 10):- 8

Guests staying at Al Seef Resort & Spa by Andalus enjoy exclusive complimentary access to Abu Dhabi's hidden gem, Happiness Island, located off the coast of Saadiyat. We were transported by high speed boat to an island where we spent our day. Our kids had a great time at the island enjoying a private beach as well as a very welcoming pool.


Luxembourg feel: - If you have been there, you know what we are talking about but if you haven't, Luxembourg city has a street that is filled with colorful hanging umbrellas, an epic eye candy, and a perfect picture spot, we loved it when we were there. Here at Al Seef, you can get the similar feel; a sheet of red and white umbrellas enhances the appearance of the property.


The hotel is connected to an excellent Community Mall, has all the amenities required to service the communities around. Great selection of food and cafe's, a supermarket, kids wear, pharmacy, kids play area and more, abundant underground parking.


Reviewed by:-


Raj Bhatt- CEO Hozpitality Group, MENA and North America

Vandana Bhatt- Director Hozpitality Group, MENA and North America



This review is done by us and these are based on our personal experience when we stayed at the hotel/Resort.

Hozpitality Group cannot warrant ANY of the information on this site, and can make no guarantees as to its accuracy or as to the rationality of any of the opinions expressed. As a site of opinion certain users may feel offended by the material posted while we regret this, we take no responsibility whatsoever for this or any reaction to any material posted on this site.



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