Please can some body tell me about budgeting about a hotel

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Budgeting in Hotel is very important act of Managment. you should keep in mind all awarness nearby hotels which are already in existance and your hotel previous year data and variance with last year Budget. Its revenue and expenses should considered, secondly you should anlysis your Hotel SWOT Anlysis. Which Shows hotels Strength, Weekness, Opportunities and Threat from Market. Guest Movement is master key of revenue.

Number of inventory of Rooms and outlets should specified seprately to allocate expenses. Generally in Hotel Industry there are three head of Revenue :
1) Room Division
2) Food & Beverage Division
3) MOD Division (Minor Operating Department) as Laundry, Busincess Centre, Telephone, Travel Dest, Rental Income from Shop etc.

and for expense you should considered previous year actual data and head of expenses. You should always keep in mind the future planing of management which might be increase a certain kind of expenses. Budgeting should be made keeping in mind of all around happenings present and future.
you ar right sir
You have to also include Capital Budget for renovations refurbishing for the coming year.
dont forget the spa.. if run properly its a major revenue department
right sir
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