Dear Friends

I had posted earlier regards a BEO form or file that I could use in a venture. I repeat my request as I am indeed looking for a catering/banquet sales programme that will allow for a small banquet operation professionally.


We aim to make this venture a stepping stone to our next big adventure.


kindly help with a format/ programme



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Please contact me We have a compact banqueting module covering all features

 Multi-User Client Server Application
 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 / C#
 Database: SQL Server 2008
Parameter Settings
 Property Information
 Operational Departments
 Revenue Heads
 Charge Codes
 Tax Codes
 Charge Code & Tax Code Link
 F&B Outlets
 User Role driven access rights
 Event Types
 Event Tasks
 Setup Types
 Item Groups
 Item Rates
 Meal Categories
 Non F&B Items – Revenue Head Mapping
 F&B Package Builder
  (Manual Price Build Up)
  (Automatic Price setting)
 Hall Rates
 Cancellation Reasons
 Calendar of Special Dates
 View History for Past Contracts
Flexible Event Builder
  Event Schedule
  Menu & Pricing 
  (Select Function and Menu compilation
  (F&B Pricing: Select Ready package and optionally customize)
  (F&B Pricing: Make your own Custom Package)
  Target Price based Definition
 Hall Rental Pricing
 Pricing: Equipments and Services
 Banquet Operations
 Cost Sheet
 Booking Status: Confirmed / Tentative / Cancelled
Event Listing
 Next 7 Days on a selected date
 Filtering on Hall, Function Status, Booking Status, Client
Event -> Actions
 Event View (Full & Restricted)
 Event Edit
 Function Prospectus
 Event Contract
 Start / Close Function
 Order Additional Items
 Generate Invoice
 Update Payment and actual F&B consumption post event
Event Calendar
 DAILY VIEW for Hall (Default)
 DAILY VIEW for All Halls
 WEEKLY VIEW for All Halls
 MONTHLY VIEW for All Halls
 Quick Booking
 Multiple Tentative Booking
 Package List
 Function Prospectus
 Event Contract
 Function List for a Day
 Department wise Task Assigned for a Day
 Future Booking Register
 Cancelled Event Register
 Invoice Register
 Equipments and Services for Future Events
 Vendor wise cost for Equipments and Services
 Hall wise number Business
 Food & Beverage Meal Category wise Sales
 Food & Beverage Item wise Sales
 Average Cover wise F&B Revenue
 Avenue Head wise Business
 Notional Contract Cost
 Revenue analysis
 Business Prospect
 Function Space Yield


Dear Aloke


Thank you for the reply. Could you email me the package on


It is for a very close friend who is now looking to forward his career and do hope the package you can provide will go a long way in helping him succeed.







Dear Randhir,

Do you need a banquet Contract Form or event prospectus?

Hi Sandeep


I am looking for a possible both. The format I have ever used is for a restaurant booking and ODC. The help will be much appreciated indeed




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