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Dear All,


I am the Associate Head of sales and responsible for the room sale for five star deluxe hotel at Nainital ( Beautiful Hill Station of North India) . We are planing to launch the Adventure Package . Can any one suggest about the market to whom should  i approach .

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Good Morning Mr Singh,

If you want to carry rice from the mill you need to put the horse before the Buggey and the other way around.

What i mean is when you create a package you should already know whom you are going to sell it to.

There, Try to approach GAP and Abercrombie from UK, that is their Niche Market.

Second in India you can pay yourself, or your company a wonderful stay in one of the Zest by Mahindra's resort and see who are their market. 2 or 3 days will give you plenty of informations on packages, clients, Tour Operators, etc... check their website:
Dear Mr. Richard,

Thnx for your revert.... Through i am aware about the target market but still i require the opinion from my fellow collegues as to how i can sell this package more effectively
What type of property are you working it sir? Do you have a website I can visit?
Dear ALAN,

Visit The Link
Beautiful property in fact! Lots of natural site that can be used. Leisure weekends can be a nice as too include some trekking, bird watching adventure package, but also mountain biking, fishing trips. There are few ways you can take agreement with 3rd parties for sports and activities: Fishing guide with some little 15ft dingy with a 10hp engine and make a whole day trip with 2 fishermen, Adventure park like this one: ; or an alpinism guide once you have them package their services with rooms and other services. Using foreign providers would allow you to also receive bookings directly from those providers just for those activites.

Also the construction of teambuilding facilities using the wonderful natural resources and attractions of your property can be an interesting venue to boost MICE sales.


Dear Mr. Singh,

First you need to see your lean days i.e. weekdays or weekends. Since its a resort and I understand that your weekends must be doing better than weekdays in the absense of business segment. Secondly, what is a business mix in leisure & Mice segments. If your weekdays are lean than you can float a package with 3rd nigh complimentary with validity Monday to Thursday this package would help in gaining the occupancy in weekdays and ultimately good occupancy figures at end of the month.

Moreover, honeymoon package, celebrations package covering anneversaries could be a great attraction for your resort.

For adventure packages, you can tap youth and add some trecking, hiking, games i.e. tresure hunts, Tambola, paint your partner or friend, or how better you know your collegue or friend with some open live food arrangement with bonfires can help in making it big success.


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